Thursday, October 7, 2010

My best friend is losing her mom.

I texted April this afternoon.  I've gotten into the habit of texting her in the afternoons over the past week.  With the demo going on yesterday, it slipped my mind. 

In response to my asking about mom's update, a text came back that said that she was in the Hospice ward of the local hospital.  I asked back if it was for medication management or a permanent thing. 

The text that I received back said that April's mom got really bad really fast.  She was in the hospital Hospice ward and that April's sister was flying back and to be picked up. 

The texter?  April's husband. 

April's moments with her mother are few.  I can't help but to think that as I type this, her mother may be drawing her last breath.

My heart hurts.

I can't imagine being in April's position.  She's my age.  You shouldn't be burying your parents and be parentless at the age of 37.

Don't think I'm questioning God.  I'm just talking here.

April is on my mind this evening.  Her whole family is in my thoughts.  Oh how I'm in tears for them.

I got a text at about 8:15 AM that April's mom did pass away last night at about 11:25 PM.  April said that she'd call me later with details of the arrangements that they have made.


Rach said...

My prayers for A and for a peaceful passing for her mother.

Sissy said...

How ironic that I wrote about the passing of my dad while this was going on. I hurt for your friend, knowing what I went through, and I didn't even have to make all the arrangements and stuff. I will say one of the most healing things was standing there during the memorial service and letting people tell me how much my dad meant to them. Strangers, even, from the coffee shop he went to each morning, told me what a breath of sunshine he was. It was comforting to me that so many other people loved him, too. I hope that your friend is able to get through this with grace and comfort.

Jamie said...

So sad...

Elizabeth Koproski said...

I just started reading your blog. thanks for sharing. I lost my mom in june. I'm 38. the best thing you can do as a friend is be there for the tears. no one takes the place of mom, but a good friend sure does help.

thanks for letting us in on your life.

Bailey's Leaf said...


I'm so sorry for your loss.