Thursday, October 21, 2010

A bunch of junk that you probably don't care about.

I got my hair cut.  I'm not sure that I'm thrilled with it.  I had her cut two more inches off of what she did initially, because it was too long.  The stuff that she put on my hair made it gluey and I came home and washed it.  I know that I told her long layers, but I'm not quite certain that she put in enough layers.  At least it isn't too short.  I'll look at it again tomorrow and see what I can do to it.  I hate feeling that way about a hair cut, especially since it has been a year and a half since my head has seen some shears.

Some idiot threw a soda can out of his window while driving 65 down the expressway.  It sucked under my vehicle (he was to my left), I ran over it then it smacked up under my passenger door.  I couldn't see damage, which is good.  The tire pressure sensor light wasn't on, which is good.  What would possess someone to do that?  Was the soda can littering his car that much at that moment that he needed to hurl it out the window to decorate the roadway with his discards? 

People have been shopping a lot for Christmas.

I had a lady come in and insist that she was given a box for an item that comes with no box.  Then, she brings the tag out to show me.  Both sides of the tag were attached that tells me (we always take the actual price portion of the tag off) that she wasn't being honest with me and I'm afraid that she lifted the item that she insists that she had a box for, but that her daughter tossed it.  I had a similar situation happen at the old gallery where someone came in, helped themselves to merchandise, then came back for the boxes.  (She told me that her cat had vomited in it.)  Both women came in at close.  Both women had the flimsy box excuse.  Could both women be the same woman?  Different year, same story?  The other lady told me the item that she needed the box for, but didn't actually bring it in.  What's funny is that where I work, 99 % of the items are without boxes.  In fact, I told her that we're a boxle*ss society.  I gave her an empty bag, but the item that she was speaking of is a two part item that comes with one rather long piece.  When we receive the items, they are packaged all together in a giant box.  I don't know.  It just doesn't jive to me.

K-'s hives are gone, but now the outer portion of her ear hurts.  Let's hope that the witch hazel and Advil make it go away.  Speaking of, I do believe that I will put some more on it before I go to bed.

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Hm. Curly hair is always such a tricky thing to have cut. I hope you liked it this morning.

I'm DELIGHTED K's hives have taken their leave.

The soda can? What possesses people??? Sheesh!

The box? Um, yeah, something feels off about that.