Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Mr. Jim, the crossing guard, asked, "So, do you think you'll make it before it rains?"

"Sure!  We're great!"

My husband calls when I'm about 4 1/2 blocks from home, "Rain is coming, do you need me to pick you up?"  (He was on his way to work and I didn't want him to be late.)

"Nah!  We're great!  A little rain won't hurt us.  We won't melt!"

As soon as I hung up, it started to sprinkle.  Michelle and I decided that sprinkles are completely doable. 

The sprinkles got bigger.

More of them started coming down.

They caused us to seek shelter under a tree, but then the tree wasn't sufficient enough. 

A dad sprints past.  He's on the police force, walked his kids to school today since it is Nat'l Dads Walk Your Kid To School Day or something like that.  "Come on!" he yells as he flies by so fast that it makes my hair blow in his cartoon-like wind.

We could see that it wasn't slowing.  We decided to go as Biggest Loser had done last night.  "We can do this, right?"

"I run like a girl."  "That's okay!  I do, too!"

Well, I made it three blocks at full speed.  Michelle could have probably gone a little further. 

I walked the remaining 1/2 block and by the time I reached my door, the rain had slowed.  I got in, took off my shoes and it had stopped.

Yup.  Figures.  Should have stayed under the tree.

Smiles in my day:
-  There was no lightning.

Have a good day!  :)

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Rach said...

LOL! You know, these are the days you will remember more than any others and you will smile and laugh. What a great memory you made. :o)