Thursday, September 23, 2010

The moon is full and BOY OH BOY I can tell you that I know.

Let me count the ways.

1.  PMS.  'Nuff said.
2.  Sister called flipping this morning.  I diagnosed it.  PMS.  'Nuff said.
3.  We were grossly under staffed at work today.  I left a note on Monday for the gallery director about it was never even acknowledged.  Thanks.
4.  Display by caffeine was necessary.  I was resetting a room, or at least trying and I couldn't get it finished since I couldn't start on Monday because we were under staffed.  I did get an entire wall reset, which involves many glass shelves, much measurement and a lot of product shuffling.  I was also able to reconfigure the stationery, where I was able to display our Christmas cards and the new 2011 calendars.  I know, I know.  Crazy, but it needed done.
5.  The last few days we have had the neediest, thoughtless, self-centered customers.  I'm sorry to say it, but we had the lady who was knocking on the bathroom door for her husband asking, "ARE YOU DONE YET?"  His response?  "Um, no."  Girl, he had some business to handle.  Let the man be!  We had the lady, her husband that she was training, a child that had to be shown every single toy that made incredible noise leave their big stroller in the middle of a main walkway (I asked if it was okay that I move it so that people could get around it) tell me about how Little Jimmy could say 26 words at 10 months and about how though he is screaming, there is no one in the store so she knows that they aren't being a disturbance.  (Um, are Julia and I invisible?  I have a kid.  She had screamed, but I admit that we removed her to keep everyone involved sane.)  I had a guy come in, ask me the most insane questions (if anyone says there is no dumb question, they lie), had me be a personal shopper with him and tell him the price on every single item that he looked at.  We had the girl with her brother come in, ask about a product that we didn't have but possibly had it in processing, that she "was from South Carolina."  We told her that we would see if we had it, that if it hadn't been processed yet, we couldn't sell it.  "But, I'm from South Carolina," she says to Julia.  "But I can't have you pay for something I can't sell yet."  "But, I'm from South Carolina."  I told Miss SC that we would be happy to check the box, but if it wasn't checked in, we had to follow certain procedures.  She asked if we could call the receiver at home since she, "Is from South Carolina."  We told her no, but thankfully, when Julia went to look, Miss SC's wanted item was something we had received and it was priced.  It needed gift wrapped and that was a task in itself.  Then we had someone in from out of the country.  She'd be traveling back to her home by vehicle with little space, but she wanted the item wrapped.  Then she decided that what I was going to do wasn't going to work.  Then she wanted me to, "Well, I don't know.  What do you think I should have you do?"  "You have a few different options.  It is completely up to you."  So after someone, who had never been to our store, finally struggled to give me directions on what she wanted for our gift wrapping that she's never seen, then she decides to impulsively buy a piece of jewelry.  She ripped the hand crafted jewelry from the cardboard hanger and after discovering that she was short on funds with her (but she had the remaining money at her friend's house), well, she didn't want the item.  She damaged the packaging and after discussing that with her and her suggesting that I just fix the packaging with tape (because everyone wants to purchase a hand crafted item that appears damaged since the packaging looks less that fantastic) or just put the item out as a display item, I took it off her bill and bid her a lovely evening.
7. Julia whacked her head on a metal purse hook and gave herself a bump and bruise.

Sorry.  It's an online journal.  Sometimes I just have to vent.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- decided that being Darth Vader will be cool for Halloween.  She wanted to be Padme, but I explained that no one will know who Padme is, but if she wanted to be something other than Darth Vader, I'll help her out.  After Hubs explained that he wanted to go as Darth Maul (or however you spell it), she thought that DV would be great.  She has the mask (a Target discount purchase last year), the DV treat bucket (thanks, Daddy!) and a light saber of the appropriate DV color.  What more could she want?  ;)

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Oh, my, an Alexander day if ever there was one. What a nightmare. :o(

On the bright side, K will make an AWESOME DV! :o)