Friday, September 3, 2010

Haiku Friday: The kitchen floor

Goodbye yucky floor,
1976 gone,
Off to the tree lawn.

Don't worry, the chocolate brown carpet will be going.  The tile and carpeting are original to the 1976 charm that we're doing our best to ditch here at the ole homestead.
Smiles in my day:
- "Mom, I'm glad that I got my teacher and not another one." :)
- Hubs worked so hard on removing the floor today!
- I'm busy fighting allergies or the beginnings of a cold. It has been on a low hover since Monday. Let's hope that it leaves.
- After 5 times through the laundry, I finally got the soup spot out of K-'s brand new pink polo shirt. I might sound like a crazy laundress, which I'll completely admit to, but the neighbor accidentally got a couple of dots of a tomato based soup on K-'s new shirt and it was the hardest stuff to remove!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be taking advantage of the extra length and I'll be back on Tuesday. Be safe!


Jamie said...

I don't envy you (just finished a several room remodel), but I bet you are happy to have that project progressing along! It is worth it and you'll love the end product.

Rach said...

AWESOME! Go Hubs! :o)

I'm SO happy K had a good day at school, and way to go getting that stain out. :o)

Enjoy the weekend!