Friday, August 27, 2010

Haiku Friday: Oops

A simple fleece coat,
Fluffed with bath towels,
A very bad move.

2 hours later, the lining to K-'s winter coat was restored to its sea green self.  Sheesh.  All I was trying to do was to knock the wrinkles out from hanging on the line, but I didn't consider the lint stickage issue until after I pulled the atrocity out of the dryer. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Mom's surgery being a success.  No cancer.  Surgery took 1/2 the time, because nothing was there to complicate it.  It's a good thing.  My sister and I have a plan in place to flip back and forth to the hospital to see mom, all the while the other sib is watching the kids.  I love it that we can work things out that way.
-  My brother hung out with my dad and me today.  You know, we are quite the hilarious pair.  We were keeping a mental log of how many men were carrying their spouses bags today.  We were at 4 1/2.  The jury was still out on one.  We couldn't decide who the needlepoint belonged to with that one either.  I just had to keep poking my brother.  The last one was an older gentleman with a Vera Bradley bag slung over his shoulder.
-  People that we know were able to save their house-- once again-- from foreclosure.  They were 6 days shy of Sheriff's sale.  The last time, they saved it within just a couple of days.  Their economic state is looking up for them and we only wish them the best.  They have a family and we really didn't want to see them displaced. 
-  I came home to a prize on my table.  A friend dropped a little birthday treat off with an invite to a "School's In" Celebratory Tea.  A lovely idea!  She left me some wonderful Jelly Bellys and Lavender Vanilla tarts for my tart burner.  They smell wonderful!
-  Another friend came by last night to drop off a birthday gift. (Because what's better than celebrating all week long?)  She made me a little butterfly stool.  She made it for the outside, but I told her that I'm going to use it in my studio.  She came with chocolate and I have to seriously say that I've never seen anyone pile in York Peppermint Patties faster and more than Heather.  The girl is thin enough to blow away in a breeze and it was hilarious to see her slamming the peppermint patties back.  I had to send her home with the remaining.  She was almost hugging the package!  She left me with a package of Special Darks.  Mmmmm.
-  The in-law's took us out to dinner to celebrate my birthday this evening.  I admit that by the time I got there, the day had been so long at the hospital that I couldn't even finish my cup of soup, but it is wonderful and will be eaten for lunch tomorrow.  They talked me into going to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up what we need for K-'s soccer that starts on Sunday.  When there, they insisted on buying her soccer cleats. 

I'm tired.  My bed is calling my name. 

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

You naughty girl, you didn't mention it was your birthday. Happy birthday!!

I had to LOL at K's coat liner. I've done that as well--ONCE. You learn quickly not to do it EVER again. ;o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

It was my birthday earlier on in the week.

Yup. Once is enough. Lesson learned. Did you shave it to death, too? I'm sorry, but I couldn't send the kid out looking like that! UGH!

Jamie said...

You were dropping hints but I couldn't remember what day it was, so happy belated birthday!

J and I always shoot each other looks when we see guys carrying purses (yes, very mature, I know). We saw a guy at ON with it slung over his shoulder like it was his. We were bursting at the seams trying not to snicker at how silly he looked carrying his wife's purse around while she was in the dressing room. And that is the reason that J refuses to even hold mine.