Friday, June 11, 2010

You know that you've watched too much Storm Chasers when . . .

. . . You think that you see a mobile mesonet on the highway, but realize that can't be it because it is missing an anenometer.

. . . Your husband thinks he saw a wall cloud.

. . . Your daughter watches for rotation in the clouds above.

. . . You take your co-workers out to the parking lot for a meteorologic lesson.

. . . You take photos of clouds to illustrate "lift in the atmosphere."

. . . Your husband teases that a fluffy contrail is just really a funnel roping out.

. . . You watch the TV and iMapWeather when storms are going on. You successfully keep track of both.

. . . Your family phones you to find out "what's going on." You are able to tell them from their reported location which direction to go, what storms are where and no-- you don't want to keep going straight.

. . . You can tell your brother that hell is not breaking loose. He just punched the core and he really wants to drive the opposite direction, because there is a funnel ahead of him.

. . . You've kept hail in a Ziploc container in your freezer.

. . . Your husband is so excited that Reed Timmer is in Ohio that he wants to hunt him down just to say "hey."

. . . is on your blog roll.

. . . You would rather meet Sean Casey, because you believe that Reed Timmer, though talented, is quite a spaz. Besides, you appreciate that he made the original TIV, unlike "the red shoe."

. . . You know what Vortex 2 is and you keep up with it. In fact, it is on the blog roll, too.

Smiles in my day:
- Library group started today. We met up with so many friends!
- Laundry. Washed, dried, folded and mostly put away.
- K- working on "self-control" and beginning to calm now that school is out. I think that the kids started to check out about a month before school was out. I think that she was feeding on the craziness. We're looking to restore partial TV watching on Wednesday. That is, if she is capable of continuing to show self-control.
- K- loves LOVES! the Hooked on Spelling 1st Grade Super Work Book. (Yes, it is a Hooked on Phonics thing.) It is an out of print book that I picked up at a local discount store. She loves to sit down and do her homework. It is great for her to keep those skills up!
- We planted the last tomato and ground cherry. The tomato was a cherry tomato that K- planted at Lowe's in the planter box that she made back in May. The ground cherry was just a little runt of a guy that I didn't think would make it. Somehow, I found space for both. Oh, how we are going to be swimming in tomatoes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Rach said...

LOL! You are TOO funny! :o)