Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My child is a trash can diver.

Is it just me?

If K- hears the sound of the trash can lid going "swoosh," she feels the need to check it. If I'm going through things, throwing something away and she sees me, she goes to the trash to inspect it.

"But that is mine from - - - !"

"A- wrote that little piece of paper for me!"

And the one that stabs me right in the heart. "BUT I MADE THAT FOR YOU!"

I save many things. Believe me, I have a whole binder of things that I've saved from her kindergarten year that most people would have pitched. My mother-in-law would probably call me a pack rat, though I believe that she would admit that my tossing vs. saving has gotten much, much better over the years. (I'm an artist. It is something I fight, because sometimes you don't need it then, but will eventually!)

I fault my husband for her trash can issue. I finally figured out that the only way I can throw away underwear or socks of his is to put it in the middle of the garbage in the kitchen. Most, but not always, he has not retrieved out of there.

They're working against me! So, is anyone in your house a trash can diver? (Yes, I know not to throw away in the presence of either one, but sometimes you can't avoid it!)

Smiles in my day:
- Pie and cheesecake to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. Delicious!
- There were tons of snap peas to be picked this evening! We needed to get a bowl. We picked enough for K- to take to grandma's house to share tomorrow.
- My brother Billy is continuing to make positive steps forward in his life. I'm proud of him for making the changes he has made to be where he is at. I'm also proud that he can now look at the situation that he was in before an be mortified by it. He sees how bad it was and knows that he doesn't want to repeat that again.
- Daring Young Mom's swimsuit pledge.

Have a wonderful day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Older Boy: Trash Can Diver (and Little Man to a lesser extent)
Any paper or piece of "art" that goes in he freaks. "It's part of my comic book", "But I made that at school", "____ gave me that", "Don't you want to keep that?", "I made that for you".... If I kept everything he wanted our house would be collapsing under paper and junk right now. I opened his desk drawer in search of safety scissors and I found where he hides things he doesn't want me to throw out. I quickly just closed the drawer and vowed to get in there the next time he's not home (oy, what a mess!).
I used to hang all the lovely drawings up on a metal strip that we hung on the basement wall. I attached them with magnets. But now that the basement is finished the strip has been taken down never to return. I do the middle of the garbage can or take it directly to the large can in the garage.
The husband isn't much better. He's a pack rat. He keeps things that must have some special meaning that I"m unaware of. We've moved weights to and from 3 houses and the only time he's touched them is to move them. I've gotten rid of all of my stuff, sentimental or otherwise, to make room for his "stuff" (fraternity paddles, T-shirts with beer sayings, college text books, piggy banks, boxes of old magazines etc....)

Rach said...

Oh my word! Lily is the WORST for trash can diving! I can have tossed/recycled something when she was away from home and she will find it and give me grief over it. "But Mommy, this is my ______" insert whatever to make me feel guilty here. Sheesh.

B has some issues with it as well, but nothing like the Bit. :shakes head: