Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A mix of this and a touch of that.

I usually do WFMW, but I'll be re-running Bring Abdullah Home on the WFMW McLinky. I'm sitting with a mish-mosh of things floating in my brain.

1. Rachael's having a baby! Well, Ellie is due in 15 days. The situation with Sara and Abdullah had Rachael and I e-mailing back and forth about her loss of Hannah and Sara's loss of Abdullah (Eli). My heart. Wow.
2. Speaking of Rachael, K- and I planted our snap peas this evening! :) Rachael and I swapped seeds this year. I got some Oregon Snap Peas (right?) that K- and I planted near the vine arbor. We decided that they will grow along the vine arbor beautifully and when they are fully putzed out, the clematis will take over.
3. Speaking of planting, K- and I transplanted some day lilies last night. We have a back section about 3' wide by 15' long behind the shed where Hubs has been very unsuccessful in growing grass. The lilies will develop well, they will secure the soil and will require very, very little maintenance. Hubs won't have to worry about getting the lawn mower and weed eater back there. And yes, he thanked me for sparing him of that.
4. While in the gardening mind, I pitched the idea of putting in a raised vegetable garden bed next to the new shed and HUBS BOUGHT IT! Whew-whoooo! He thought it was a good idea. You see, the shed sits on my garden plot, so I had to come up with another idea.
5. I've been wearing a pedometer and I'm really disappointed that all I clock at work is about a mile all day long. Really? I thought it would be more.
6. K- and I have the goal to ditch her training wheels this summer. Truth be told, I'd like to see her be able to ditch them before summer starts. We're going to raise the training wheels a bit to see if that helps her gain a bit more forced balance. As for me? I learned how to ride a bike on my own. My parents were divorcing and there was no one to teach me. I took my bike, rolled down the hill on my own and figured out balance. I also ran into the swimming pool and required stitches. It's okay. I survived it.
7. Today was a day at work that we would like to label, "Dump your disruptive teens with us as you shop next door" day. After dealing with basic store disrespect and teens with a sense of entitlement where they shouldn't have it, my co-worker mentioned, "Your 6 year old would behave better than they did." "Of course she would. We've instilled the fear of God into her. She knows that if she would behave like that she would be in sooooo much trouble."
8. They've decided to come up with the most asinine road work project known to man. They have closed down probably 8 blocks of main road so that they can dig it up, change it from a 4 lane road down to 3 lanes-- 2 lanes with a middle turn lane-- down the main way to get to K-'s elementary school. We have to go 4 additional blocks down just to get out of our street and onto the main road. The big problem? Our walk to school will be impacted. I called our city information number to be directed to the folks that could help me. The lady directed me to the patrol officer and traffic officer at our police department. The patrol officer's response to my telling him that our way is blocked and that we have to cross the main road to get to the school? "Well, you should go down and talk to the construction workers to see what they say." "Sir, really, the last thing that they want on a job site is a spazed out mom wondering how she is going to safely walk her daughter to school." I ended up having to leave a message for the traffic officer who is currently out of town. They've closed down the main road entrance that my daughter's school is on. I'm not going to be the only mom irritated.
9. K- and my mother-in-law went to the movie today. My mother-in-law loves to have a whole day with K-, as those days are few and far between.
10. Laundry dried on the line and no bumble bees inside.

Smiles in my day:
- Sprinkled in above.

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Right about the peas. Ours are coming up like gang busters and I need to run some twine for them to climb.

Hooray on raised-bed gardening! :o) Hooray on gardening in general. :o) Lil and I have NO interest in going outside today as the entire back yard is literally COATED in yellow. She and I are struggling with allergies as it is and I have no desire to subject either of us to it. Well, that and the stupid 100 degree temps today. UGH!

I'm sorry about the teens in the store. Do you think they're all like that? Were WE like that? Do you think it's getting worse? I have my opinions, but that's based on 10 years of teaching and what I've seen in that amount of time.

I'm sorry about the walk to school--what a mess.

Oh, as for K and the bike. Yeah, I taught myself on a hill as well--minus the stitches. :oP