Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: My quoteable kid.

I only have a few K-ism's today, but if I don't get them down I will forget them.

"I need help inside outing these." - Turning her clothes right side out. (A laundry pet peeve of mine.)

"Mommy? I need you to get me the uncaughter." "I'm sorry. What is an 'uncaughter?'" "Mom, you know. It is a little white thing with stripes and it goes on like this [insert hands smoothing down her sides.]" - An undershirt. (I bought it to go under her Christmas dress because it had some itching stitching that was rubbing her raw on her sides.)

"My control dog." - Furr Real Pet.

"Clone Wars Festival." - A day at home with daddy that she gets to play with the vintage Star Wars toys from daddy's youth.

"My one only." - Her one piece of candy that she may have per day. It started with the Halloween candy. I allowed her to choose 30 pieces of candy, then the rest I took to work. Don't worry. I traded her up for good stuff. That is how the "one only" got started. Then we had Christmas goodies and Valentine's goodies. Just about the time that the one only bowl gets to the bottom, another candy giving occasion comes up.

"Pork chops." - Chop sticks.

A discovery:
I am very good at keeping control of Christmas purchases for K-. We go with a theme and keep within a fairly strict budget. I always plan to do that with Easter. I filled K-'s Easter basket last night and while it is filled and good (and not overfilled), I scratched my head at the little things that I pick up. A little thing here and a little thing there. Darn. Those add up.

A request:
Hello, Emily! See, I didn't forget you! Was your favorite part of the day inhaling paint fumes with an undertone of fresh freesia, gluing paper dots on top of hard-to-reach staples, museum day, the lady with the eraser dice, onion breath, customers talking like babies and farm animals or the last minute folks who did not want to leave? Oh, it must have been working with me, discussing a variety of hygienic issues and nail sizes! Thanks for being my babysitter! I remembered it! Addictive! Julia taught me the rule about addictive! I knew that I would remember! (Things aren't addicting, they are addictive.)

Smiles in my day:
- The migratory birds coming through, which gives us different songs to hear than what we are used to. Today we had song sparrows and a tufted titmouse singing to us as we walked. The end of last week we had red winged blackbirds. Hubs heard the loon yesterday. "A once in a lifetime experience" here is how he described it. Delightful!
- K- got up, was rolling along and happily out the door. We didn't have to beg her to do anything this morning!
- The seedlings need transplanted. They reached the roof of the little garden window greenhouse.
- Leftovers for dinner.
- Our first hard core school project to do together. The class will be doing a section on timelines and we are to make a timeline with K- from birth til now. We'll be working on that over spring break. The disks of pictures that I have! We'll have a lot of fun doing it. It isn't due until April 15, so we're good to work on it for a while.

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thanks for the reminder about dinner. You may be having left overs, but I don't have any. I better figure something out on that one :)

Rach said...

I LOVE the time line project! I always enjoy looking at the kiddos and seeing how much they've changed and yet, how much they've remained the same. :o)

The K-isms are FANTABULOUS! :o) Oh, and thanks for the grammar lesson. My Grammy would love it. :o)

Michelle said...

these are great K-isms! You'll be glad you have them saved now :)