Friday, March 12, 2010

Embracing warmth

Though half of our backyard still looked like the picture above,

I was still able to dry sheets on the line! I didn't have much hope that the flannel sheets would be fully dried, but they were by the time K- and I returned from our after school building meeting.

We started our day out by walking to school. After cleaning and running a variety of errands, I walked back to get K-. There was a 3 PM building meeting, so I let K- play on the playground with the kids until time for the meeting to start.

The meeting? It lasted for over two hours. I say over, because I left at 4:50 PM and they were still going. Geeze o' Pete. Just give the custodian a shower, please! So, two and a half hours after K- got out of school, we had the mile to walk back home. Of course, she was tired and hungry. She held up okay on the way home, though. She wanted to play outside as I prepared dinner. The child just craves the fresh air, I believe.

After dinner, we went on a walk. Between the two round trip walks I made to the elementary school and the walk this evening, I have walked approximately 5 1/2 miles today. Take that cholesterol and my need to shed some of this winter storage!

The windows were opened for a glorious 12 hours today. I changed the bed sheets over to regular weight, with the plan to store the flannel sheets until the fall. Smudge got her first seasons dose of Frontline. I even leveled out the gravel ruts in the driveway.

Warmth is a good thing.

I have noticed that since the weather has turned warm, K-'s concentration seems to have taken a nose-dive. I ended up meeting with K-'s teacher after school to confirm what I thought. She has been distracted. She isn't completely following instructions. She has been too worried about what everyone else is doing with their papers/books and whatnot. She is continually getting out of her seat to discuss these things with Mrs. H-. Mrs. H- asked, "Did she tell you?" "No. I could tell because she has brought home papers with marks almost every day for the past week. That is not typically like her. I think that she has a case of Spring Fever." Mrs. H- laughed and agreed. I told her that I would speak with K- about it. On our walk home, I talked about how important it was to pay attention, to avoid distraction, keep her eyes on her own paper, not to worry about what others are doing and finally, stay in her seat. I told her that if she doesn't follow these rules, Mrs. H- might put her on yellow. Now, Mrs. H- didn't say this, but it isn't a far-fetched thing to say. Disobedience gets your clip moved. K- seems to have gotten the idea. She hasn't gotten her clip moved yet and that would completely devastate her. I told her that I will meet with Mrs. H- again next week and that I want a better report or there she will be punished. She's a good student. Her mind has just fallen into the sunshiny gutter of distraction. I understand how that can happen. I find myself staring out the window (not that it is what she is doing.) We've been so light deficient, it's like showing us a brand new, shiny toy. She'll pull it back around.

On a nicer educational note, as of Friday AM, we'll have made it to our 600 goal in reading. That is a week earlier than planned. Fantastic!

Smiles in my day:
- I've had several sightings of our hawk these past few days. I also saw a few other hawks while on my drives today. Apparently, our raptor population is doing well in these parts.
- I was able to find a book for K-'s Easter basket, one for Hubs' Easter basket, one for my mother for her birthday and an American Girl planner for one of my nieces as a birthday gift at the book sale today.
- I found a small snow globe for $2.00 at Joann's today to replace the one that K- broke in the middle of her bed a few days ago. She was so broken-hearted when the snow globe broke.
- The laundry line outside is back in use! :)

Have a great weekend!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh I am loving this weather!! It's so warm here, finally. The snow really melted last night. It finally feels like spring. The boys had to remind me that I left our bedroom windows open all night (they are still open and I better go close them because it looks like rain). It was so warm, I didn't even notice.
Enjoy the weather! I think my boys have spring fever too :)

Rach said...

Hooray! Spring is sprunging for you as well! :o) My mom says there is still snow EVERYWHERE in the 'burg. Man.

Spring fever is in the air for all the kiddos, not just K. Believe me, I've noticed...;o)

I hope you all have an AWESOME weekend! :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

For what it's worth, K- said that she had a better concentrating day. Her paper reflected better concentration. She also reported that she did not get up out of her seat. She also said that she didn't look at anyone's paper but her own.


Rach said...

Sometimes they just need a gentle reminder.

I've taken two of the young ladies in my class aside to tell them I would like to see them focusing more on their work and MUCH less on interacting with each other--especially since one sits up front and the other in the back group.

Both had MUCH better days. :o) Sometimes a gentle reminder about what your expectations are works wonders. :o) Hooray for K! :o)