Thursday, February 4, 2010

My mind is kind of blank.

But watch me ramble on.

The child that is hitting K- is Autistic. I found that out today and that helps to fill in many blanks. He wonked her again today, as he had grabbed her by the forearm yesterday. You know what? K- said that she told M-, "You are out of chances, M-." and she went and talked to her teacher about it. When he wonked her with the pencil box today, she said that she raised her hand and told the teacher.

Folks, it is hard for K- to tell on anyone. Kids are her people. Being what we call an "only but not" child gives her a weird spot to be in. She doesn't have kids at home, but she does have sibs she sees sometimes. Even so, she doesn't want to tell on her friends at school, because she thinks that they won't be her friends anymore. I'm glad that she has finally reached the point of standing up for herself.

My back is killing me, but my muscles feel better. I did forget to take my Zantac last night and was plagued by one heck of a time with acid reflux this afternoon. Don't worry. I came home and took my medicine! Hopefully, it will kick in and leave me burn free.

My husband is watching some weird movie (Oscar with Sylvester Stallone), admittedly to annoy me so that I'll be off this thing so that he can watch TV in peace and quiet.

Oh, K- and I have appointments with the dental unit in the afternoon. K- does okay with the cleaning appointments, which is what this one is. However, if they decide that fillings are needed, we are going to switch her over to a pediatric dentist that lives closer and will give her a lovely drug to calm her down. Praise God for dental drugs for the kiddies!

Smiles in my day:
- Walking to school with K- this morning. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, school volunteering/work/a pick-up for my brother on Tuesday, but it left today wide open. It was nice to be out as it was flurrying. (Yes, my own word.)
- My co-worker brought me a delicious cookie.
- My MIL gave me soup and salad for dinner last night and sent spaghetti home for me tonight. How kind!
- Despite the slow traffic, we had a nice sales day in our part of the store today.

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

My mind is blank too. Hence the reason no posting lately. That and the fact that things have been really busy.
I'm glad that K is working things out for herself with the boy. It sounds like she's taken control and if nothing else, that must make her feel better.
I hope you are feeling better!!

Rach said...

Hope all went well at the dentist. :o)

And, yeah, "Oscar" is one obscure movie. I had forgotten all about it until I read your post. Wow...