Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good things

1. My friend C- got THE CALL today. Her biopsies came back benign, thus making the girls just fine! We were so happy for her. She ran around the gallery sharing the news with everyone who was willing to hear. I'm so happy for her!
2. My brother went to court-- again-- today for the Temporary Restraining Order violation. (Remember when he picked his son up as his ex-to-be asked and she turned him in for it?) Well, she went in as somewhat of a raving lunatic with an entourage of equally well-behaving folks and it turned out that my brother has two days of community service and he is good. I am listed as a mutually agreed upon transporter for the children, so I'm on every other week until November 3, when the TPO expires. My brother apologized in advance, but I made him swear that he wouldn't so much as lay a toe nail on the property. He said that believe him, it wouldn't be a problem.
3. I took my first Lipitor in three weeks about 35 minutes ago and so far so good. I didn't get the medicative head flush that I got when I first started taking it, so that is one step in the right direction. I had to hop back on it to make a definitive ruling of whether my body aches were Lipitor induced or a virus running through my body. Either could be possible, as body aches can be a Lipitor thing and at the time I was having intense aches, Hubs and K- both had colds.
4. My nieces will be in town from Chicago and K- is so excited to play with them. I believe that is basically what we will be doing on Saturday until we need to leave for my dad's birthday party.
5. I brought K- and her classmates into the Kindergarten door this AM and had them sit on benches. The one child was so afraid that he would get into trouble. (He is older, but his sister is in Kindergarten.) I promised him that I was staying with them until the bell rang and if anyone would get in trouble, it would be me. I told him since it was so cold out, I was just keeping everyone quiet on the hall benches until class and I promised it was okay!
6. Mrs. H- told me that she wore her necklace yesterday and that it tickled K- to death. (We gave her a necklace that I picked up for her from the gallery in celebration of her being named Teacher of the Year at their elementary school.)
7. We were out of little juices that my aunt usually gives K-, so I sent her Klean Kanteen full of water. I thought she might be miffed at me, but she was fine.
8. The ham and bean soup that I cooked overnight (and stirred at 1:30 AM), turned out DELICIOUS! I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hubs' response was, "I believe I'll be sleeping on the couch." :S
9. Taking a sack lunch to Julia. She shared her wonderful hot chocolate with me yesterday and puts up with me on a daily basis. I thought she might like a bowl of soup.
10. MIL wants me to freeze her some. Not a problem!
11. Resetting the toy room at work was a longish process since displaying the same merchandise can get boring, but I took out a bunch of shelves, tightened things up and was able to walk away pleased with the end result. Until more merchandise comes in, the toy room tidy worked out nicely.
12. I knocked down all of the icicles on the house (it is a twice daily job right now to keep the gutters intact) before Hubs got home. Of course, I went to the backyard with snow past my knees, forgot that the sandbox turtle was there (under more than 2 feet of snow) and fell flat down, nearly on my face. I caught myself and since it was snow, I was uninjured. In case Old Man Winter is keeping count, I've officially now fallen this season, you can make winter end now.
13. I love winter, snow and all that, but I admit that hearing that our region has now officially entered our weather books as the snowiest February on record, (a good thing) I'm ready for all this to melt and for the blooming to begin. I always start that itch about this time of year. March 1 is my official personal end of winter. Weather doesn't always cooperate, though.
14. Lindsey Vonn! Hooray! I cheered for her around every turn. Her leg has got to still be so sore.
15. I'm apparently well known as a walker at K-'s school. Last Thursday when waiting to enter K-'s class to help with her Valentine party, I had a mom ask if I ran marathons. "No, that would be my sister-in-law." "I just see you walk all the time and even when it is really cold out!" I told her that we had to suspend walking due to the sidewalks not being cleared (of nearly 28" of snow), but that it is one mile each way. I told her that on a good day, I can walk in the AM and afternoon and knock out an easy 4 miles. She was amazed. On Wednesday morning, I had an older gentleman roll his window down and offer to give me a ride. He said that he knew that I walked all the time and wanted to offer me a ride. I told him that I appreciated his offer, but my vehicle was right behind him. We weren't walking because of the sidewalks, but I assured him that I do own a car and do use it if I need. Very sweet to offer, though!
16. My sister's family is feeling better after their bout of the yucky stomach flu. All three of her children got it, but were back around to normal within a few days.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

What a fun, happy list! (I had to LOL at M's comment about sleeping on the couch--B would say the same thing. ;oP)

I watched Lindsay Vonn last night and cried tears of joy for her. And, I cringed my way through those crashes. I kept chanting OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG knowing I was watching these women fly to their doom. HOLY COW! I heard this morning they are all well, but still...that was a terrifying scene. :shudder:

Glad to hear all is going fairly well with Billy. I've been wondering what was happening. Whew.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad that the biopsies came back as fine. What a relief for your friend!!
Have fun with the nieces. Tell everyone I said hello and give them a hug from me!

Glad to hear about your Bro too. Hopefully all will be quiet there from now on.

Michelle said...

so happy for your friend C and her great results!

and good news about your brother only having to do those 2 days of community service!