Friday, January 22, 2010

Rambling about a variety of things.

I have a splitting headache. I have a list that I wanted to share.

1. John Edwards. Dude, I voted for you. Seriously, you cheated on your wife while out on a presidential campaign and fathered a child with a lover that you only now, 22 months after birth, claim she is yours. Uh, I support your wife wholeheartedly in her leaving you. God bless Elizabeth. As far as you are concerned, I can't even think of anything nice to say.
2. I thought Wii systems were widely available. I was wrong. I went hunting for one today and after the second store saying, "Sorry, we don't have them." I figured that I would go online. None at Target. None at Walmart. I found one at Best Buy a half hour away. So, I went ahead and bought it online, needing to pick it up tomorrow. Hubs' birthday is on Monday and I started sweating the unavailability there for a minute.
3. PMS this month has been beastly. I'm sorry to complain about something you don't care to know about but I seriously have to say that the stabbing pains, fuzzy headedness, cramps, splitting headache and lack of energy can't go away soon enough. Normally, I buck it up but this month is the beastly once a year run. I've been miserable.
4. K-'s 6 year visit went well. She's in the 75th/80th percentile for height and weight, so the doctor says that she is pleased that K- is proportionately sized. The kid is healthy and carried on great conversation with Dr. P-. We love her.
5. Mrs. H-, K-'s teacher, admitted to me that she completely forgot to send homework home on Tuesday and had I not sent a note on Wednesday asking, "No homework? Just checking." She said she probably would have forgotten it for the balance of the week. It was a shifted week this week and last, having the kids off 4 days over the weekend. K- somehow ended up not getting her homework yesterday (someone probably picked it up out of the cubbie), so she handed it off to me personally. We love Mrs. H-!
6. Our internet is going to be updated this weekend. Our houses are so close that the neighbor has us hooked up to his internet with a wireless router. He works for the phone company, gets a great deal on internet and tells us that there is no reason for us to pay when he can give it to us free. (How wonderful! See, living on a postage stamp has its advantages!) So, he'll be in and out Friday evening and through Saturday. Our virus protection officially expires tomorrow, so I'll be out until Mike gets that current with what he has. (He's adding us to his virus protection, too!) Don't worry, we help him out on things, too!
7. The conversation I had with my brother about the request for a "twea*ker bag" was hilarious. He whispered into the phone, "You don't, um, carry that stuff, . . . do you?" "NO!" "You don't have bags, . . . do you?" "Ladies handbags, yes. Not twea*ker bags!" "I didn't think so. Why the heck would he come in and ask you for something like that?" "Uh, I don't know!"
8. Apparently my brother has weened himself off his bipolar drugs and seems to be functioning so much better. I think that pulling himself out of drugs, away from a poor living environment, having a better relationship with his kids AND visitation, getting out of the hood and eating healthier things has done well for him. Praise to GOD!
9. After walking K- to school this morning (I felt like complete hormonal crap, it was about 22 F and friggin' cold), I got some laundry going, laid on the couch and watched Lethal Weapon. Hubs had comp time, so he went in late and saw me sacked out on the couch. He teased me later and told me that he KNEW that I ate bon-bons on my day off and now I've just proved that to him. (He knows that I was feeling like dirt. He truly was just teasing.)
10. I got the seeds packaged up and sent off to Rachael. We'll be gardening by internet and we're excited to get rolling. Her growing season is much longer than mine, so seeds will be hitting the dirt for her in about a month and a half or so. So jealous!

My smiles are included above. I'm going to go and enjoy This Old House.

Have a great weekend!

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