Saturday, January 23, 2010

Over 2000 e-mails.

I'm embarrassed to admit it. Folks, my e-mail in box has been rather clogged.

I kept ignoring it.

I hoped that it would go away.

It didn't.

Tonight I sat for an hour purging over 2000 e-mails from my box. They date back to June 2009. All those e-mails? Unread. Before you wonder, I do read my e-mail. So, what comprised the over 2000?
1. My Points e-mails. This evening, I went into my My Points account and asked for no e-mails. The points that I will earn now will be strictly from purchases. I just don't have time to file through it anymore.
2. Our library. They can't send one notification to let you know that either something is due or a requested item is ready for pick-up. They send one e-mail for every. single. item. Geeze Louise library people.
3. Forwarded jokes. More jokes than I can tell you. I love to laugh like the rest of them, but unfortunately, I just can't get to all of them.

It feels good, though. I do have some still in my box. I had to stop. The ones left are just from this week.

I just had to tell you of my accomplishment. Before you ask, no-- I won't let it get like that again.

Smiles in my day:
- K-'s school raised over $1000.00 through their Hats for Haiti fundraiser. Today was a "spirit day" which is otherwise known as uniform-free. For $1.00 (or more) the children could wear a hat to school.
- I picked Hubs' birthday gift up today. Whew.
- I found Converse tennis shoes for my niece and nephew for 75% off today at Target. They were both in major need of new tennis shoes. My brother was thrilled.
- The house cleaning is done for the week.
- We had a great dinner of roasted red pepper alfredo, salad and bread. Yum.
- Mike was able to come over, install a new virus protection and I can go back online again!
- Speaking of Mike, he loved the dinner that I sent him the other day. I really need to do that more often.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Edited to add:

Aren't you proud? :) And no, I still don't know how to successfully do a screen shot.


Rach said...

2000 emails?!?!? Really?!? Wooooooow.

The seeds arrived while I was gone. I can't WAIT to get my little peat pots going! Thanks! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

2000?? Oh I'd stroke out.

Glad that you got that all cleaned up. I have a rule on jokes. If I can read it on the original email or it's an easy attachment, I'll deal with it. If it's a video or has 100's of attachments to get to it, it goes in the trash immediately. I just don't have the time to deal with that stuff.

My Points e-mails get scanned as they come in and most go straight to trash. I just don't have the time.