Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because I can't leave you hanging when a saga is going on.

First, my brother IS NOT in jail. He talked with the lawyer that he is now on the way to retain who advised him against turning himself in. He said that if he would do that, he would go straight to jail.


Because though it is a false temporary protection order, it is still in place. Though his ex called to have him pick his son up, as she knew he would, he still knew not to step foot on the property. He discussed his hindsight with me last night, but said that the fact that his son needed him clouded his judgment on not going on the property. Fair enough. When any of us see our children in distress, we run to them, right?

So, he has retained a lovely lawyer who will be handling the warrant, TPO and eventually his divorce and request for custody. In the meantime, I told my brother to dot all of his "i's" and to keep his nose clean. If he is getting busted for doing nothing, just imagine what trouble he would be in if he did something.


On a related note, I finally slept last night. Actually, I think that my body gave me no choice. I fell asleep on the couch while watching the second half of the Biggest Loser. (For the record, the red team wife kills me. Wow.) Hubs kept poking me with his foot to see if I was awake so I could see the ending. I can also say that I can't quite figure out Miggy and Midgdalia. I hope good things for them, though.

On a completely unrelated note, I didn't quite notice that this AM was so cold before we left to walk to school. I just flashed on my weather bug to find that it is 19 F and a wind chill of 6 F. That would explain why my thighs are still cold and humming with numbness on their way to regaining circulation.

Smiles in my day:
- My brother taking care of his affairs and hopefully this will turn out okay.
- It's report card day!
- I had a good meeting with K-'s teacher yesterday morning. I had to go meet with her regarding the bullying, as it had proceeded to get worse. As I suspected, the child in question was doing it on the sly, where Mrs. H- wouldn't see and knowing that K- wouldn't tell. On Monday, K- was pushed into a cubbie (though it was possibly on accident) and elbowed. I talked with Mrs. H-, who was very upset about it. We talked with K- that being hit is not okay and that she needs to tell the teacher. Funny faces and yucky talk? Ignore it. Being hit, don't ignore it. M- is a special needs child that is mainstreamed into the class. I knew that and was trying to hold off, as I hoped that the situation would resolve itself. Mrs. H- gave it as no excuse, but a window to reasoning for some irrational behavior that he might exhibit. In learning this, she also said that K- and her friend P- tend to try to help M- because they see him struggling. She thinks that part of the reason why M- can be cranky with K-. I can certainly understand that. She said that K- is a very helpful child and could "probably run the show if I let her." (I laughed and said please don't.) She said that given M-'s personality, there are days that he comes in just unbearable. She also said that some days she is at a loss for a best option for him. Yesterday, K- reported that M- was "going to do something and I walked away." Good self preservation skill.

Must go pack my lunch, hang some laundry and make myself presentable for work.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

I'm glad Billy's not in jail and that he has retained an attorney. All steps in the right direction.

Hang in there!! HUGS!

Michelle said...

glad to hear your brother retained a lawyer; I hope this mess all gets straightened out with no jail time, which would be absurd given the circumstances.

Sorry about the bullying :(