Monday, November 16, 2009

Tales from the Trenches: Behind

I'm behind on stuff from being sick one week, then rolling into a week long marathon to get the Christmas stuff up. The upside? The open house at work this weekend was a huge success! Compliments were given regarding the displays and whatnot. I had a nice atagirl from my boss. The downside? I had another closed door meeting with the boss and the floor manager due to the coworker who as mad at me because I inquired on things left unfilled, the counter strewn with items with unknown reason of abandonment and broken ornaments were found in many places. Apparently, he was a hair chaffed and I was just irritated because I came in to a festival of undone things and holes everywhere. I said that was fine, that next time I just won't say anything at all. My boss laughed and told me that she understands how I get in trouble because she does the exact same thing to people, doesn't mean to get people mad, is just trying to get things done and makes people unhappy. The meeting ended well, but I did boldly speak my mind and I'm glad that I can do that and not lose my job for it. My boss knows that I'm a hard worker and realizes that I pour my heart and soul into my job. She appreciates that. Still, I don't mean to offend people and I think that we are all just suffering from display/sales fatigue.

So, I sit here staring at a mountain of laundry. I need to fold it. I'm going to tackle it and at least fold it all into piles this evening. I'll put it away tomorrow. I haven't been this behind on laundry since, hmmm, let me think-- last year this time! I've broken my line dry rule and used the dryer to get pulled back up to my normal routine.

Must tend to laundry. I'm also crabby and not feeling so smilesy today. Pardon the lack of.


Rach said...

This time of year brings out the stresses and crabs. Don't worry about it. You'll catch up and be all spirity and happy again before you know it.

I'm glad to hear it went well with the boss. The trouble is, there are those of us who have extremely strong work ethics and pour our hearts and souls into all we do and we can't understand when others don't hold themselves accountable to the same standard. It's BEYOND frustrating and I'm glad you have a boss who "gets it".

Hang in there. HUGS!

Jamie said...

I hear ya. I have had so much going on that I felt like my head might explode.

I am glad it went well with the boss - at least she understands where you are coming from, rather than disagreeing and making things worse!

Keep your chin up - it will get better!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm crabby too. I'm very far behind in things (although my house is finally clean). There just seems to be soooo much to do and not enough time to get it done. And with illnesses on top of it, I tend to get cranky.
I have to tell you though, yesterdays funeral really put it all in perspective. Life's too short to be cranky or care about laundry. I know I'll forget all that in a few days, but for now, I'm letting it all go and just enjoying the moment.
I'm glad that things went well with you boss.
Hang in there girl!!