Friday, November 20, 2009

Amazon- You are irritating me!,

On November 8, 2009, I ordered the Barbie Glam Vacation Home for my dear beloved daughter. This item wasn't in yet, as it was so new. You said to order it, get the free shipping and it was to be in your hot little handies on November 15, 2009. I received an e-mail stating that the shipping was delayed. The anticipated arrival time was slated to be December 24. THIS IS A CHRISTMAS GIFT! What's funny is that you still have it advertised for the $34.99 and free super saver shipping. Um, I'm thinking that isn't working for you. Oh, and the ship time you have listed is 4-7 days. LIE!

I decided to get into my account and nose around a bit. Lucky for me that I realize that the ship date on the PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR MY DAUGHTER was moved, again. This time it has a red thing stating that it will NOT ARRIVE FOR CHRISTMAS! When is it slated to arrive? Try MID JANUARY! So. not. good.

Irritatedly so,

Amy at Bailey's Leaf

P.S. Feel free to contact me, as I couldn't figure out how to contact you.

Why am I irritated at Because they had an advanced sale on the item. I suppose that it was my stupidity for purchasing something with the assumption that it would in fact arrive as scheduled. Why advance sale something when you don't actually have it?

Am I irritated at Mattel? Certainly! Why allow your retailers to advertise something coming when presumably you can't get the production right and it isn't capable of arriving for the biggest shopping holiday of the year?

So, I guess that I am in need of something for K- from my Black Friday shopping extravaganza with my sister. And to think, I thought I was done shopping with the exception of the MIL's crock pot.


Edited to add:
I just spoke to a lovely lady at Mattel to find the real scoop. She said that the release date has been pushed back to 2010. Ugh. I've officially canceled my order and in the window to tell them why, I did. Thanks for the false hope, Amazon!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amazon has irked me before, too. 9 out of 10 times, things are great, but if you happen to have an issue, good luck in figuring out how to talk to them. There is no phone number. My issue was also a shipping issue. Ordered a "Bucky Sleep Mask" for a 10 hour flight. Needed it within 3 weeks...said it was in stock, yet it never was shipped. We ended up calling the supplier directly, who shipped it to us overnight and only charged us the actual ship price. Still more expensive then "free shipping" but if I got it AFTER my flight, there was no point. Still too angry to buy from them. I have looked...yet I haven't hit "add to cart" since.

Rach said...

Oh dear. I can certainly understand the frustration. CRUD!