Saturday, October 31, 2009

With a police escort and the high school band . . .

. . . K-'s elementary school Halloween Parade was a success. The rain clouds were looming. The crowds were large. We had about a mile to walk with 550 kids. We made it, though. We had a fantastic time. What a neat thing to do with the kids!

Smiles in my day:
- The parade with K-!
- Lifting the H1N1 quarantine for K- to visit my soon-to-be 92 year old grandmother. Apparently, my aunt and grandmother really missed us!
- I ordered our Christmas photo cards tonight. By going through My Points, I had free shipping and I had previously earned a free 11 x 14 poster with Snapfish. I ended up saving $14.97 and now I have the lily print ordered to put on the not-yet-painted kitchen wall! My husband was very glad. The Christmas card photo this year was a little more painful than it should have been. I was a woman on a mission. Sorry, honey.
- It warmed to 70 F later in the day and at 10:45 PM, I still have the bedroom window open! Those days will be gone soon. We're enjoying them while we can.

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

Oh what FUN!!!!! :o)

Happy weekend, Amy. :o)

Michelle said...

looks like it was a fun parade!

Jamie said...

A mile? That's crazy! Our kids walked up the street on one side and down the other. It was less than previous years and I was a little disappointed because it made for not good photo ops.

On the other hand, your photo looks great!

Oh, I thought I was the only one! I ordered my xmas card photos last week with the free $15 from Kodak. They came in the mail Friday. I'll mail my cards the day after black Friday. Is that extreme?

Bailey's Leaf said...

I mail mine out on Black Friday. Not extreme, my friend. I'm right with you. It is something I can do, get done and out of the way before the craziness of the season hits. (Remember, I work retail.) Besides, I'm cheap and include K-'s birthday invite inside to the folks we are inviting.

I'm right with you!