Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tales from the Trenches: I wrote a post and I deleted it.

On purpose. I'm crabby tonight. Hubs and I halfway wonder if I should give the pediatrician's office a call to see if they would consider giving K-'s lungs a listen. I just want to make certain that she doesn't have bronchitis. The cough is funky, but productive.

I'm hungry for something that we don't have in the house. I have no idea what, but I know that whatever it is, it isn't here.

I haven't slept in nights. Many nights. I mean, I'm sure that I have logged some small blocks of sleep in, but K-'s coughing has had me up and down giving drinks and cough suppressant. I don't see that ending anytime soon. I'm running the vaporizer tonight to see if it helps at all. Again with the doctor. I just hate that I was so irritated at the nurse, that I hung up on her. I guess I worry that I'm on some black list somewhere.

There was a crabby lady in at work who was mad at us for not cashing out the remaining portion of her credit. ($52.00.) She went on and on and wouldn't let it go. Finally, I told her that Target won't give you as much as a quarter back on a gift certificate. Her response? "Well, that isn't very democratic of them." Can I tell you how much that didn't make sense to me?

I have friends moving. One friend will be moving sometime in the first quarter of the year to some undecided location. Her boys are friends with K-. She'll miss their "van visits." My second friend is looking for and applying for employment in Louisville KY and Raleigh NC. (Her husband has been without a job for over a year and there is just nothing in employment for him around here.) K- is friends with her two kids. It makes my heart sad that not only will I be losing friends living close by (but not the friendships, of course), but K- will as well.

Hubs went fishing today and got nothing. He said that it is the "first day he has been skunked all year." He also told me that I didn't call. Normally, I do. Apparently, right after I call (every time) he catches something major. He tells me that the fish wait for my call. He did say that he noticed more ducks and geese out than usual. Quickly he found that it was duck hunting season and many of the ducks he saw were decoys! He said that all the gun shots got him back off the lake pretty quickly. Poor guy!

Smiles in my day:
- Laurie laughing about the great underpants hunt. She is making K- a sleeping bag for her doll, a doggie carry bag and a doggie bed. K- didn't even notice that her doll and her chinchilla bag are gone. (She has a stuffed chinchilla that Hubs' mom bought for her. She calls it "Squeak.")
- Hubs had to go for his monthly shot and he took K- to his mom's house so that she wouldn't be exposed to anything else. How thoughtful!

My AM update:
I feel like I've been given an access pass to see the Wizard! I called the pediatrician's office, the secretary answered, I told her that I think that K- has bronchitis or a sinus infection and she asked if I wanted a morning appointment. Of course I would! Hooray!

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Rach said...

I think it's just a crabby time right now. I understand about the lack of sleep. That in and of itself will make you crazy.

You hang in there!