Monday, October 19, 2009

I know that I slept some. I'm sure of it.

As you can expect, when you have a child with a fever and a nasticious cough, sleep is going to be at a premium. Suffice it to say, it has been a long weekend. I'm happy to say that though the sleep deprivation took me back to the days of when K- was a newborn I DID NOT INGEST ANY CAFFEINE! Aren't y'all proud of me?! I am truly caffeinated without caffeine. The additional caffeine was only causing brain hiccups and even messing with me to the point that my typing wasn't as fluid as it usually is. For what was probably the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee per day, it is just obviously too much stimulant for me. I did have some 7-Up, though. My aunt sent it. It was like it was calling me from the refrigerator. "Drink me. Drink me!"

Here are some miscellaneous whatnots from the weekend:
1. K- ran a fever from Thursday night through Saturday early evening. It broke and Saturday night she fell asleep in her bed while watching Elf (she's been on a Christmas movie thing lately) on the portable DVD player. Typically TV in bed isn't allowed, but sickness is an exception.
2. I've slept intermittently through the nights all weekend. I was up administering cough suppressants, Advil, checking her temperature (I cannot tell you how much I LOVE! the ear scan thermometer) and begging her to allow me to do all these things. Long story short, one night it took 3 1/2 hours to get her to take Advil since she was convinced it was going to make her vomit. No, we didn't do a 3 1/2 hour battle, but finally she decided at 6 AM she would take it and was surprised that it did not make her ill. Sheesh.
3. Hubs and K- made a haunted house in our basement. Over the play area, Hubs stapled sheets to the floor joists, put scary creatures, a black light, a strobe light and stuck a spider on a string so that when I walked past, K- could make it go up and down. They worked on it for hours. She loves it! She stuck signs that she made all over the sheets. I'll have to take pictures. It really is quite a sight to behold.
4. I made a chicken pot pie that K- told me was "delicious, Mom!"
5. K- is currently making up for lost time and is eating us out of house and home.
6. I've been working on the American Girl necklaces and am pleased to report that I'm nearly done.
7. An amazing Ohio rare occurrence this time of year . . . sorry, I had to walk away to look at it. There is a big round thing. It is supposed to be warm and bright. We normally don't see much of it until around May. Yes, you've guessed it. It was "Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me!" (That was for my niece, J-!) For a few moments, it made an appearance. I pulled the blind up just a little further to enjoy it.
8. Hubs greeted me at the door when I arrived home from the grocery after church. He was in need of a "zipadeedodah." Apparently, he took a tour of the used CD stores in the area. He promised to be home in time for me to go to Festival choir practice. He was! He was able to score a $1.00 copy of the movie, Cars. He watched it with K- when I was at choir practice. He said that it might be his favorite kid movie now.
9. There was no line at the pharmacy! In fact, I had to hop back in line (behind my cousin who was originally standing behind me!) to get the very illegal-to-buy-straight-off-the-shelf Mucinex D. I fear that K-'s congestion is beginning to gather in my chest. Ugh. I had a coupon, though! That's a good thing!
10. It's been over a week and my kitchen table still hasn't been eaten by the inevitable pile o' paperific goo that overtakes half of it.
11. Though it has taken some time, I found a peanut free snack for K- to take to class on Wednesday. She has a child extremely allergic to peanuts in her class, and though I know that they have "safe snacks" for A-, I want to be certain that he doesn't get left out.
12. I have a weird emergency of sorts. K-'s American Girl doll lost her underpants. Now, this normally wouldn't be a big deal except that we are due to attend an AG birthday party here within the next few weeks. I have every single piece (not many, as AG is freakin' expensive) of AG merchandise that she owns, but not the stinkin' underpants. So! I've called on my seamstress friend, Laurie, to make K-'s doll some extra underpants. I told her that my mother-in-law would not understand the doll going to the party commando. -- A Sunday evening update. I found the flippin' underpants! They were in the wardrobe box all along! K- had tucked them inside of one of the dolls boots! :)!!!
13. In my begging for help with the missing underclothes, I batted my eyelashes over the phone real pretty like and asked Laurie to make a bed for the dog we'll be giving K- on the way to The 'Cago. I'm sorry, but not only am I not purchasing a set of AG doll underclothes from AG (I'm not in need anymore anyhow), but I'm also not going to be purchasing the dog bed set, either. All cute and of wonderful quality, but shoot! They'll put me in the poor house. We'll just have Miss Laurie and Mommy's Homemade Brand. Besides, I'll also be suckering Laurie into making a little doggie purse for K- to carry him/her around in. I'll make a small fleece coat (all I have to do is cut and tie that!). Laurie is so good to me! I just want to give K- something cool. I know that she'll be surrounded by a store of wonderful things that she'll want to love on and take home. K- is actually pretty good about loving on store things and leaving them behind. This time, I wanted to be certain that she could take something neat and nifty with her. I wanted her to have her own one-of-a-kind thing with her. I want her to feel special, even if her mom and dad can't afford anything in the store.
14. In preparation for the AG fest, I gave K-'s doll a once over. She had some skid marks on her face, arms and legs from taking middle of the night dumps out of bed and smacking against the wall. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took care of that. The Clorox Bleach Pen took the chocolate spots off of the white coat and the white satin rosettes on one of the little patent leather shoes. K- doesn't eat around her doll, but somehow chocolate ended up in her doll clothes tote. At least those two pieces were the only ones involved. Everything else appears to be in good working order.
15. I agree with you, Rachael. The Heene Hoax has me all confused on why a family would do such a thing for some time in the spotlight. I think that we are all suffering from the "look at me and my kids and . . . " with the Jon and Kate fiasco. When reading TMZ earlier, there was a live feed news conference on where the Sheriff said that they will no longer be holding news conferences. They said that they have too much to do to keep having updates on such a story.

Smiles in my weekend:
- K- feeling better and going back to school tomorrow! Hooray!
- Having my H1N1 vaccination knowledge confirmed by a public health educator and a pregnant family member who is studying to be a doctor. K- will be getting one as soon as they are available.
- Finding the dolls underwear. I had myself unnecessarily stressed out about them. K- pretty much always takes very good care of her toys. She had a period this summer where she lost her baby mind about taking care, but the Pick Up Fairy visited often and I instituted the post-it note system of loss, so she was tired of losing her things. She is much better with her belongings now.
- Hearing the music to the movie Halloween. Apparently, Hubs is watching the Rob Zombie remake, which goes into the detail of Michael Myers' life in youth. Though I haven't watched it, it is an interesting spin on a movie that Hubs and I watch every year.

Have a great week!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Glad that K is feeling better! I suffered from a migraine.all.weekend.long. Hence the reason I'm behind on posts. ACK! The weather is killing my head.
Hope this week is uneventful for you.
I keep flipping back and forth over the fence on that H1N1 vac. E-mail me your info when you get a chance.

Rach said...

Hooray for K feeling better.

The weather here is FINALLY sunny today. Hooray! Five days of grey did me in. :o(

I made a lentil soup Saturday that was to die for and even Lily ate it all up. Hooray!

AG stuff is ridiculously expensive. Jeepers! I'm glad the underwear reappeared. ;o)

As for the H1N1, I'll be getting my shot ASAP. The kids in the fifth grade are dropping like flies. Lil will also have one as soon as she's able. You have to have four weeks between the seasonal shot and the H1N1 so we have three weeks to go. I just don't want to take any chances. Everything I've read says to just do it, and as a pregnant lady, I don't want to mess around, you know?

Think there will ever be any answers in the Heene case? I just don't understand people sometimes. :sigh:

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry K was so sick with a fever :( It is hard to get any sleep when they are feeling miserable like that. Glad the fever finally broke and hope you can catch up on some sleep!