Friday, October 16, 2009

Giving an atagirl and an update.

First, I'd like to thank my friend, Nora, for scoring such cool loot for me to give to K-. She went to some massive sale at the American Girl outlet in Osh Kosh, WI. Just look what she found for me: The Midnight Holly Dress set. It is a gorgeous dress that can be bustled up front, the fur collar, the little heels (the photo does not do them justice) and the book. It would have been $29.95, but Nora picked it up for me for $7.00 for the whole set. Then there is Coconut. The dog, collar with leash, toy and journal would have been $22.00. Nora found it for me for $9.00. Since we have a birthday party coming up at the American Girl Store in Chicago, I've decided to give this to K- as opposed to buying something insanely expensive in store. I'll probably give it to her on the 7 hour drive up. Goodness knows that we'll have the time.

So yes, Nora found me $52.00 worth of American Girl stuff for $16.00. Her mom just dropped it off this morning and oh. my. goodness. How I'm glad that she called me to see if I wanted her to bargain hunt for me. :)

So, Miss K- seems to be hopping around the house in underpants and a witches hat. She is laughing, hasn't napped at all today, is still belting out a cough, I'm keeping her on "comfort med's" per the nurses directions, she still has a little bit of a fever, but she seems to be doing fine.

Sadly, we did have to call and cancel out on the 1st birthday party we were to attend just south of Columbus tomorrow. We had the day planned with going to the art museum, Bass Pro Shops and then on to the party. In Ohio (I seriously think that it is a non-existent holiday everywhere else), it is Sweetest Day. (Basically another Valentine's Day.) We term it as a 5 buck holiday, but we won't be 5 buckin'. That's okay.

Smiles in my day:
- K- not having H1N1. She has recovered far too quickly, though Dr. AK brings up several good points. So does Melissa. Thanks for your medical input. A panicky, germaphobe and slightly hypochondriac mommy definitely appreciates public input.
- Watching Goonies. We missed Where the Wild Things Are, but we'll go when K- feels better. And yes, I cried at having to break our Loose Feet Date. It broke my heart to have to tell her that.
- Hubs panicking this AM with me. I know it sounds bizarre to have that be a smile, but at the end of the day, I look back and know that he was right in the trenches with me, helped me to get her on the way back down from 103.7 F and he even worked a partial day because of it. I'm glad that he is such an involved dad. It truly is quite a blessing. So many parents out there do it without the support of their partner. I couldn't imagine.
- K- having today off so that she didn't miss a day of school because of her illness.
- My brother. He has called more times than I can count today. When K- gets really sick, my brother just worries about her. "But it's K-!" is what he tells me. He told me this morning that he would sit in the hospital waiting room with us and he promised "not to freak out!" Bless his heart! Of course, we never made the trip to the hospital, but it's good to know that he has our backs in case we need to.
- My sister has called all day. So has my mom. And my friend, Kim. My aunt sent her home aide over with some soda and popsicles for K- and the dear got the wrong house and left it on my neighbor's porch. (I had to run and grab it before they found it.) Though it wasn't a necessary thing, she just felt so bad that K- was sick and wanted to do something for her. The love. It brings me to tears.

It's kind of a tired end to my day. I have 7 little necklaces to make for American Girl Doll favors and one child sized necklace for the Chicago party. I'm going to hop off here and try to get some crafting done before I sack out for bed. Something tells me that tonight is still going to be a little long of an evening with Miss Cough and Hack.

Thanks for the love. Thanks for putting up with my multiple postings for the day. Have a great weekend!


Jamie said...

Awesome finds and at great prices! I love Coconut myself, but my girls never really found him as cute as I did. I bought an AG doll at a yard sale over the summer for $1.25 and that thing is going on ebay soon. I thought it was a fake but it's got all the authentic markings. The sellers were older ladies and I think they didn't have a clue.

Glad that K is feeling somewhat better and that it wasn't the H1N1.

Bailey's Leaf said...

It definitely wasn't H1N1. We've been giving her Oscillococinum, our homeopathic med of choice, and it seems to help, too. Her fever has stayed lower so that's a great thing.

Isn't it great what you can find at yard sales sometimes? I haven't found good yard sale finds in a while, but we treat the thrift store as the all year yard sale. Slap that sucker on eBay as a "great holiday gift." Now is the time to do it!

Hope your girls are feeling better soon, too. And, I won't do the FluMist because of the run out of the nose thing. Besides, the FluMist is a live vaccination, but the shot is dead. That alone sells me.

Rach said...

Hooray for no H1N1!!!!! And a big hooray for awesome friends who find INCREDIBLE deals! :o)

I'm happy to hear your brother continues to do so well as well. :o)