Friday, October 23, 2009

1 Year Blogoversary

I sit here "celebrating" a year of blogging, but then my heart goes to so many people in need. To celebrate my one year, please consider reading the prayer list on the sidebar. Lots of needs going on there. I'll hit a few of them, but it doesn't mean that they are any more important than others.

1. Dawn at Because I Said So- 5 of 6 children have H1N1. Hubs is recovering from surgery. She poured her frustrations out in a post that I will be praying about. Consider reading it here.
2. Our friend, Ford- He is unable to find a position. He is in sales, just traveled 5 hours to Louisville to a potential job and it was just a joke. He has 3 interviews set up for companies around here, but my heart goes out to him and my friend Kim. He's been without a job for more than a year and not because he hasn't been trying.
3. Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes- Joe, her husband, is deployed and there was just a 6.2 earthquake in Afghanistan. Her dad has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.
4. Marcy, the gallery director's granddaughter- She's preparing for a stem cell transplant. I expect that it is a similar situation as Ethan Zohn, as they were both diagnosed with very treatable lymphoma that decided to not be treatable as it should be.
5. Rachael at Life with Hannah and Lily- 14 weeks pregnant, surrounded by 5th graders that are dropping like flies from H1N1, was able to be vaccinated today. Would love Rachael to remain well from EVERYTHING during her pregnancy with the Jellybean (flavor unknown, though I would bet it is Pear.) :)

Again, these are just a few I highlight, but believe that each and every prayer entry deserves equal attention.

Please consider praying for someone/some people on my sidebar. They really need it.

Smiles in my day:
- All of you.


Rach said...

Happy one year blogoversary! :o)

I will be saying prayers for each of them throughout the day. I LOVE teaching in a Catholic school! If I ask the Sisters to pray, they will. It's wonderful. :o)

As for Jellybean, I was leaning towards cinnamon, but pear works. ;oP

Jamie said...

Happy 1 year!

I always check our your sidebar list and think about those who are in need.

You're such a kind, unselfish person!

GERBEN said...

Happy 1 year blogoversary!!!

You are some kind of special, you know that girl? ((hug) You have such a big and wonderful heart.

Thoughts and prayers out to the folks on your side bar.

Michelle said...

Has it really been a year since you started blogging?! Well happy blogoversary to you - and I'm glad you decided to jump into blogging!

You make my eyes tear up with this post. I know there are so many prayer requests out there, and so many in need of prayers, thank you for highlighting my family - I deeply appreciate it!