Friday, September 4, 2009

Happily, it didn't fall off the truck.

Backing it in.

Oops. He completely forgot about the low hanging wires. Thankfully, he was going slow and Hubs was able to stop him before he ripped the phone line clean off the house. Even if he had, our neighbor is an SBC guy, so he could have fixed it lickety split.

Coming through.

Backing up to the beautiful, very level pad that Hubs created specifically for the shed.

Getting ready to lower it into place.

Oh look! There it is, along with Hubs planting grass around the perimeter.

The patio area before. (When the weather was better, the grass was just cut and the flowers were flourishing a bit more than they did this year.)

Voila! After. We'll be having my in-law's over on Saturday night to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. We'll be cooking hot dogs over the fire pit and making s'mores as a birthday treat.

But don't worry. I promise that I helped with the patio. Just look at the overly flattering photo that my daughter dearest took of my backside. I must teach her about angles, but her photography style for a 5 year old isn't bad. Her fingers aren't in the way, she is pretty good at centering and isn't real wobbly when taking photos.

K- has officially shot 1 pair of shoes. I swear that they would have been $30.00, but I paid $5.00 or so for them on the Toys R Us clearance rack. They were "Not Me" Skecheresque shoes in black. She wore them only for school for one week and blew out a strap. I'm going to see if my seamstress friend, Laurie, can put her cobbler hat on and give them a tweak. Funny thing is that K- is not hard on shoes. Thankfully, I do have a pair of light up $40.00 Skechers that I bought at Toys R Us on the clearance for $7.00. Though they are sized 1/2 size larger than the ones that just blew out, they appear to be the same size. Here's to hoping that they last longer. Poor K-. She ended up walking home barefoot! (No, she didn't mind at all.)

Smiles in my day:
- K- making a "book" for her teacher and writing "sentences." The sentences are a bunch of squiggles, but she's got the idea.
- Hubs working so blasted hard today. Actually, he has been all week, but today he worked non-stop from 7 AM until well after sunset (he came in around 9 PM or so.) He reset the driveway RR ties (which is why the gravel was all out of sorts in the shed pictures), reinstalled the cemented post and put the sections of fence back up, planted grass around the shed and a variety of places throughout the yard, mowed the yard and probably more but I'm too tired to remember them. So Hubs, thank you!
- K- being excited about the Garden Fair.
- I got some lovely deals at the grocery today.
- Tacos, Spanish Rice, chips and queso for dinner. Yum. K- was happy, too.
- K- telling me that I was the "best mommy" because I bought her Shrek soup for lunch. Is that the secret to parenting? Shrek soup? Hey, if it works!

Have a wonderful weekend! We'll be enjoying the extra time off together. See you on Tuesday.


Rach said...

Hooray hooray hooray for that GORGEOUS new shed!! :o) You Hubs sure did work his patootie off yesterday, huh? It looks fantastic, as does the patio area. :o)

I was chuckling at the photo of you, figuring K had to be the one to take it as no man in his right mind would *ever* take a photo of a woman from that angle for fear of death. ;o) And, as you said, she did an EXCELLENT job (minus the angle--which isn't all *that* unflattering for you :oP).

Good luck with those shoes. There is nothing worse than destroyed shoes. I remember getting Stride-Rites as a kid because they included a "scuff toe" so my mom could make them last just a *little* longer.

Lil had another accident last night (two in a week when she's had NONE since she was fully trained?) which leads me to believe you may be on to something with your thoughts on the subject. We'll see how the rest of the weekend goes. :fingers crossed:

Enjoy YOUR weekend! :o)

An Aquarian Mind said...

The shed and patio both look great! I bet you are thrilled to have checked that project off your list! I'm jealous of the shed... we need something to put the lawn stuff in. Looks like you will have lots of space in that one.

We've had that strap thing happen to us before. It stinks, especially when the shoes are new. It seems to have only happened to us with cheap no name shoes, which is why I am pretty brand name loyal now.

If I can say so, the picture wasn't half bad! My kids have taken way worse photos of me, none of which I will ever post on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ah the phone line. The washer delivery man broke ours, and he looked at it, then took off. We were without a phone for a few days. And the washer? They didn't even connect it. Best Buy gave us the run around for months. All we wanted was our delivery/set up fee back. Never got it. Prior to that we bought everything there. How many things have we bought there since? Zilch. And that was 7 years ago.

I digress. Your shed in lovely! And I LOVE LOVE your fire pit picnicky area. So adorable!