Monday, August 10, 2009

We'll miss you, John.

Some of the movies that Hubs and I love the most are done by John Hughes. I remember watching Some Kind of Wonderful until I knew it by heart. I loved Pretty in Pink.

Let's not forget Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Such great movies that I loved then. Such great movies that I still love just as much now.

Smiles in my weekend:
- K- wanted to go on a "bike walk" and rode her bike for probably a mile and a half or more. No whining, either.
- I cleaned off the top of the dryer. It needed it. Soap boxes are condensed, laundry soap is stowed away in my between the washer and dryer rolling organizer and everything is wiped down.
- My sister came by on Saturday morning to take some backyard play things to her house for our yard sale this week. We loaded up the Little Tikes play house, the teal and pink Cozy Coupe, a Step 2 sled and K-'s first tricycle. K- did give a little whimper as my sister drove away, saying how sad she was. We went in, looked at the picture of the playground that daddy wants to build her and she felt better about it.

This is basically what we will be building, only with just the short climbing wall, a real shingled roof (it will hold up better), the turtle will be moved under, instead of building in a sandbox (because neighbors feel the need to allow their cats to roam free), the rope ladder where the tall climbing wall is (or at least that is K-'s request) and a trapeze bar where the baby swing bucket is.
- K- build a working paddle boat at Lowe's on Saturday for her building project. She loved playing with it in the bath.
- My parents bearings locked in one of the wheels of their boat trailer. They had to abandon the boat and trailer on the expressway, 60 miles north of their destination (Marietta.) They were unable to find parts to repair the bearing situation until this morning. When they returned, the boat and trailer were just where they left it-- untouched. If it was left on an expressway up here, it would have been ransacked.
- Hubs brought roasted corn home from the camping program that he worked all day long on Saturday. Yum.
- The patio area is DONE! Never mind that we went to Lowe's for rebar and also left with a set of patio furniture (it was the stuff that I salivated over in the spring and it was 50% off.) Also, never mind that the heat that we didn't have all. summer. long? Yes, well, it arrived Sunday-- all at once. It was 73 F on Saturday and 93 F yesterday. Needless to say, we were all a little-- eh, hem-- moist, but we got the job done. Yes, I will post about it tomorrow because I'm way too tired now to do it.
- Hubs also mowed the lawn. He mowed the front, then decided to wait until the sun went down to tackle the back.

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Rach said...

Brien and I had a John Hugh's tribute movie marathon yesterday. Oh how I LOVED those movies then, and still do. They are still relevant and still resonate even today. He will certainly be missed. :o(

The play structure looks FANTASTIC and K is a lucky girl to have a Daddy who can build it for her. :o)

I hear ya on the heat. It's supposed to be almost 100 today. I can't imagine a 20 degree jump in temps, though. That had to be tough.

I hope you have a wonderful day! :o)