Thursday, June 18, 2009

With the twirl of a wand . . .

I shall make a cardboard shack today for the VBS we'll be doing next week. (Crocodile Dock.) They have to remember that they've asked an artist to build it. I have a large refrigerator box, a bunch of boxes from work and we're going to have a slightly wonky (Not like the House that Jack built. Though at Idlewild, it is pretty cool.) home with cardboard shutters, an awning over the front door and a welcome mat. Oh, this will be the house that they paint the red over the door to simulate Passover. So they'll be painting over a bright funky door. It's all good. I've also got a ton of loaned fishing equipment, a boat and a bunch of other fishing type things that I need to get displayed around the church.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired and will definitely be needing to take something caffeinated with me? Oh sweet Pete. Hubs didn't sleep the other night, kept me up, when he fell asleep, K- woke up. I'm trying to make up for a night's sleep and am not quite there yet. Argh.

I attended the calling hours last night for Julia's mom. I was only there for about 15 minutes, but Julia was glad to see me. Oh, how my heart breaks for her. Then I did my evening check-in with April. They are preparing for the Celebration of Life party for her dad tomorrow. She's working on some financial tweaking for her mom and we were kicking around ideas last night. She's doing well for now. Aunt Arlene has made the move to Hospice and Hubs' mom had gone to visit her last night, so K- was with Hubs' dad when I arrived. They were having great fun.

Smiles in my day:
1. My mother-in-law covered me for dinner twice this week. Hubs had to count frogs and toads on Tuesday night, so I picked K- up. They ordered me a spaghetti dinner from the place up the street. Last night before she left to visit with Aunt Arlene, she set a bowl of macaroni salad in the fridge for me for dinner. How thoughtful!
2. I've continued my progress with the backstock room at work. Wow. We do have a floor and it is brown. I knew it was there somewhere! (So much was coming in and we couldn't keep up with getting it out and upstairs at the same time.)
3. We all slept last night.
4. All the rain and thunderstorms have made my tomato plants grow, grow, grow!
5. The pink clover and Feverfew seem to be taking quite nicely.

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