Monday, June 1, 2009

Things I learned this weekend.

1. Bugs aren't the only things you need to watch out for when you line dry your laundry outside. K-'s flat sheet got splatted by a bird. Yes, I found it as I was folding it and laundered it again.
2. If you are suffering from a hormonal migraine and your five year old over indulges in chocolately chocolate brownies, she will vomit later. Then she will play "let me identify the foodstuffs" while you are attempting to clean it up as your husband stands in the background laughing. I did not find it quite as entertaining.
3. K- is looking more and more like her sister J- every day.
4. When you buy something from the store and lose the receipt, chances are that it will be defective in some way.
5. Remember the house rule of add a zero when you approximate the time to do a job. Instead of 30 minutes, it took 300 minutes or 5 hours, to install a new ceiling fan with botched up blades.

6. The crows found my non-genetically modified green beans quite delicious. I had to pick up a spare pack of seeds in case I need to re-seed. They aren't runners like I wanted though. Bummer.
7. You can park your car out in Timbuktu, but there is still going to be some idiot that will park next to you and scratch your car.
8. K- and I have been doing the computer game Hooked on Spanish by the Hooked on Phonics people and I can now tell you the Spanish words for blue, yellow, red, black and green.
9. I don't love all Anita Shreve books. I thought I did, but I started a book the other day (The Last Time They Met) and I just could not get into it. It was putting me to sleep. So, I put it to the side and started Eat, Pray, Love instead.
10. When you are a naturalist's kid, people understand your love for hauling around a big, juicy, squirmy worm and showing it to everyone.
11. I was bummed that I had to pay $1.99 for a tomato cage and I only needed one. (In my mind, I thought that I could get one for less than a dollar. What did I know?) Then when my mom was talking to me later, she said that they were swimming in tomato cages and I should have let her know. It's not that $1.99 is going to break the bank, but it's always a bummer when it costs more than you thought.
12. While in search of the fan receipt, I kept finding dollars in my pockets. To start, I had two dollars. In the end, I have $9.00. See, that darned tomato cage wasn't that big of a deal after all!
13. K- is so excited to start her reading class at the university this next week that she made sure that she had her pencils sharpened and ready a week in advance. Bless her heart! She does take after me!
14. Despite my initial issues with it, I like our new desk arrangement, even though my husband has some sort of illusion that he'll be making a Star Wars figure display on top of the book case that we will eventually have in the old desk spot. Uh, no. He has 1/2 of the basement downstairs to guyify.
15. I need to get used to the birds beginning to chatter at 4 AM. Leaving the windows open is generally a good thing. Those birds just get so blasted loud, though! I'll get used to it soon enough.
16. Our youth pastor did a rockin' sermon today on something LIFE APPLICABLE! Oh thank you, Pastor Craig, for breaking away and doing something new!
17. My transplanted Hollyhock is beginning to perk up.
18. I think that I planted way too many onions and that I will be donating some to the local homeless shelter at the end of the season.
19. As a result of the kids park program that K- and I attended at the end of the week, I learned that Hummingbirds make their nests out of spider webs with lichen stuck to the outside. (Because she knew me, I asked the naturalist if she would consider asking the parents to refrain from having their loud conversations. Last program I couldn't even hear because of Chatty and Patty talking it up in full voice the entire time.) Everyone cooperated! Everyone learned! We all had great fun!
20. I'm still impatiently waiting for my Sunflower and Hollyhock seeds to sprout. It rained so much that I thought that they would be up. Everything else grew, even the weeds!


Rach said...

Boy, you sure learned a lot. I especially enjoyed the part about K and the vomit. Niiiiiice. :oP No, seriously, I don't know how you stood it. Ugh!

Aside from the unnecessary tomato cage (thanks, mom), the bird and the sheet, and the ceiling fan, it sounds as if it was a pretty good weekend. Heck, I LOVE finding hidden money. :o)

Happy Monday, Amy! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

5 hours is the magic number. 5 hours to hang a new lighting fixture above the kitchen table. 5 hours to hang valances in the kitchen (couldn't find stud on one window and there wasn't enough wall on the other window). Home projects are never easy.
The whole vomit thing: it's not easy being a Mommy with raging hormones. HUGS.

Jamie said...

Ah, yes, the bird poo on clean clothes...don't ya hate that? I hate it when it happens on something white because it almost always stains.

The house rule is so true. I have learned not to put a time limit or any expectations on any projects, this way I don't set myself up for disappointment.

Sorry your car got scratched. That stinks.

I am with ya on the Anita Shreve books. I read one or two, loved them, bought more, they ended up being duds.

Yay for found money!

Glad that your weekend was full of good lessons!