Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In times of death, a Baptist bakes.

No WFMW this week. I am a Baptist woman and in times of sickness, birth or death, we bake. I don't know why we do this, we just do. Get us concerned enough and we'll crockpot you a meal or two. I think it's in the code.

Last evening, we got the news that Hubs' Aunt Arlene has advancing Liver Cancer and has been given 3 weeks to live. She is being moved to Hospice. Both of Hubs' parents are just beyond brokenhearted. Aunt Arlene is like a mother to Hubs' dad and like a sister to Hubs' mom. She is every bit of what I would say a "strong woman" is. She is a wonderful Christian woman who is truly the most genuinely caring soul that I know. To have a world without Aunt Arlene around will be a world missing someone great. She has knitted/crocheted K- hats over the years and made us a blanket last year. In fact, I wrapped K- up in the blanket every morning as she sits to watch Martha. It's like I'm wrapping her in Aunt Arlene's loving arms. And me? I have two bowls for my Kitchenaid from Aunt Arlene's downsizing home sale. (I think she just sent them home with his mom.) I use them to death, do and always will think of Aunt Arlene with the baking of every cookie and cake that comes from those bowls.

With the death cloud hanging thick, my kitchen has turned into a bakery and I feel like Betty-- Betty Crocker. Just don't address me as Mrs. Crocker. Ms. Crocker is just fine. Don't do the Mrs., you know. So, my baking cap is on and I'll see you tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy my smiles.

Smiles in my day:
1. One of my mom's people (mom cleans houses) came in today especially to see me. She needed some super duper white glove treatment and when she went to leave, she even hugged me. The funniest was when she came in and I told her that my mom said that she looked like my friend, Cj. She did, except for the lack of red hair. My co-worker Elizabeth used to work at the previous gallery with me and that was where Cj was our boss. Elizabeth proceeded to tell Bonnie (I blush as I type this) that her glasses were so great that Cj would have said that they were org*as*mic. Oh my goodness, I could have died. I would have loved to see how many shades of red I turned. Eek! (They were great glasses, though!)
2. I've had an odd assortment of folks from our other store to cover in Julia's absence. To surprise Julia when she gets back, I've been doing a Virgoian organization of our upstairs backstock. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It looks so good.
3. K- and I test drove the Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner at my mother-in-law's house. She was so excited that I was doing my Bzz Agent demo at her house! She loved it that she got her windows cleaned. (Yes, I'm following up with a Bzz Agent report probably Friday, barring any more death!)
4. I think that this is the first that I've sat down in a leisurely fashion all day. It feels so good!
5. I procrastinated, but the Maytag people pulled through, called me back and they have cardboard for me to be able to build a little shack for VBS! Hooray for the Maytag guys!

Pardon me, but I have baking to do. Have a great day!


Rach said...

It's also a southern thing to bake in times of birth, death or illness. Casseroles are us you know.

I'm beyond sorry about Aunt Arlene. That is just terrible news and I'm heartsick for you and your family. Prayers for you all.

As for the o-gasimc glasses, that gave me a wonderful morning chuckle. Thanks! :oP

Bailey's Leaf said...

Oh Rachael, I almost died right there about the glasses comment. Yikes!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Praying for Aunt Arlene and the family. She's so young and it's just so sad. She's been such a fighter.
Asking for prayers for Danielle's Grandfather too. He was sent to hospice this week for prostate cancer and given 3 days to 3 weeks.