Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! I know that you never deal with those big round numbers very well. Keep in mind that you look wonderful. You exercise more than anyone that I know! And yes, we are impressed with your ability to do yoga so well.

You are a spastic middle child like me, which is why both of us get each other so well. You ramble, another trait that I've gotten from you, as well as your inability to remember anyone's name. (Thanks for that one, too.)

You are very caring, loving and a hard worker. Hardly a day goes by without your calling me at least once, but often several times in one hour. You apologize and say, "do you have a second" or "but anyway" and launch on from the moment that we dropped off. It's like you never hung up! :)

We love you very much and don't know what we would do without you and your quirks! Have a wonderful day!


Jamie said...

Aww, Great tribute to your Mama!

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to your beautiful mom!

GERBEN said...

That is a wonderful tribute to your momma!

Happy Birthday MOMMA!

Rach said...

Happy birthday to one terrific lady. :o)

This was a fabulous tribute to your mama. :o)

Michelle said...

happy birthday to your mom!