Friday, May 15, 2009

Zoo-fully Wonderful

We visited the zoo on Wednesday afternoon for K-'s end of the year preschool blow-out. Well, it wasn't a blow-out, but we almost got rained on. That's okay. The rain held off until later.
K- and her friend, A-. A- is the recipient of almost all of K-'s hand-me-downs. (Like having a little sister, but not in the house.) The shirt she has on was one of K-'s favorite thrift store duds. They had a climbing wall at the exhibit of the jelly fish. K- climbed all the way to the top, then didn't quite have a visual of a foothold and got a little concerned. I held her fanny (she was much too high for me and it was a little high to suggest jumping down) and guided her foot to the foothold. We got her back down in one piece. There is a baby duckling on the mama's back. We loved it! (Rachael, I thought of you!) The girls playing in the fountain. We didn't want them to get all wet since it was only in the early 60's of Fahrenheit. We let them tickle the water, though. Since my friend Kim is on Facebook, I decided that it would be fine to post her face on my blog. K- took this picture of us and I thought she did a great job! A- was taking a picture too. Kim is hilarious and she is who she is. She'll be honest with you and knows bits about everything. The girl is a walking source of Google all on her own. Our kids love to hang together. In fact, Kim's house was where we were headed when this happened. When you have to call your friend and say, "We're okay, but you need to come pick up K-. The RAV was just totalled." Not only does she come, but she came running out of her car, then took K- to hang out with her husband and kids, came back up with camera in hand, took photos and kept me company-- that's good stuff. When Hubs came, they towed the RAV's lifeless body onto the flatbed (the axle was broken among tons of other smooshed things), she had us come back, fed us and even offered me a glass of wine. (I didn't take it, but the offer was kind!)

When we left, the girls wanted to take their picture with the zoo sign. K- was going to get herself hiked up to walk to the top of the big rock, hadn't gotten there yet and fell off the curb in her Croc's and skinned the top of her foot/bottom of her leg. I got her straightened around, bandaged up and dry eyed. We discussed not wearing Croc's except for swimming and she agreed. I know y'all love them out there, but K- keeps falling in them. She has fallen several times, injuring herself. She doesn't fall in anything else. The Croc's give a sloppy fit and her feet are just far too narrow. I'm not a fan of foam shoes anyhow. Strapping foam to your feet and not expecting to fall when it is rainy out just doesn't make sense to me, but I do have some crocesque Mary Jane's that I bought last year at Toys R Us. (They were on clearance for 2.00.) They are a skinnier fit with a velcro strap and fit much better. We'll just stick with that. K- likes the feel of Croc's. She says that they are "compy" but she's tired of skinning herself up, too. Ugh.

But! We had a nice day at the zoo!

--My sister is still housing Baby Pine Cone. With any luck, Baby Pine Cone will make an appearance this weekend. On Wednesday night, I was busy reading labor inducing accupressure tips from the internet to my sister over the phone. Nothing has worked. We're convinced that this child is hanging on tight and doesn't want to leave!


Rach said...

First off, I feel so sorry for your poor sister. I was like that with Hannah. She was like the Shel Silverstein poem about the chickie who lived in the egg but, "I will not hatch. I will not hatch." UGH!

Next, Crocs are wonderful gardening shoes and schlumping around shoes, but they are in fact floppy and loosey goosey and kids most definitely can be hurt wearing 'em. I'm sorry K fell--that is SO stinky. :o( Poor baby.

Third, the zoo pix are so much fun! The duck and duckling pic had me "Awing" over here. What sweetness. :o) K is quite the adventuress as she scaled that wall. I don't think we could have convinced Lil to do it for anything in the world, lol!

And, finally, isn't it wonderful to have amazing friends like Kim? Life is so much better and richer for it. :o)

P.S. As I was looking at you with your hair pulled back, I was jealous. I was wishing I hadn't had Jessie cut mine all off...curls and humidity, not a happy mix. ;oP

Bailey's Leaf said...

LeAnne thinks that the accupressure (or with one 'c') might be working. At least it is taking her where she needs to go. Bless her heart. She'll be 39 in August, has been feeling this *surprise* pregnancy intensely for the entire time and a host of other things with it.

Baby Pinecone? Please come out! We'd like to play! :)

And yes, it is great to have friends like Kim!

Jamie said...

Great zoo pics... good to finally see one of you!

Love the baby on the mama;s back...too precious.

I'm not a fan of Crocs for my kiddos and have seen too many accidents involving kids who wear them. Our ped office actually hands out paperwork citing news stories where kids have gotten seriously hurt while wearing them. My hubby has a pair of the furry ones that he wears as slippers and let me just tell you how nasty they get!

Michelle said...

Looks like a fun time at the zoo - and glad the rain held off!

We don't own any crocs, so I don't have any personal experience, but I do remember reading a couple articles last year, or the year before, about them and that there A LOT of reports of falling. A lot of schools banned them because the kids just can't run safely in them.