Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's Give Him Some Praise!

I hooked up with Kelly's blog a couple of months ago when her precious daughter Harper was born very ill. Yesterday, she was sharing her praise and challenged us to do the same. (Not an all inclusive list, but a good start.)

1. Hubs, though he has battled undiagnosed digestive problems for 6 1/2 years and has seen 11 physicians, trudges on daily, makes it happens and is a wonderful provider for our family.
2. My sweet K-, without whom I would not know what a mommy would do. She makes me the mommy that I am. Lately, she has been such a shadow that she has literally been right at my cheeks (posterior) and I've had to remember to watch when I whip around so that I don't plow her over. Gosh, I'm so glad that she is ours!
3. Though we have had car crub this week, Janeen reminds me to be thankful that Hubs is willing and able to tackle those problems on his own. On Sunday, he manufactured his own pins and bushings for his car door. On Tuesday, he knew what was wrong with his car and instead of having to tow it, he beat it to submission, drove it to his mom and dads and was able to fix it.
4. Hubs has a job. I have a job. Both of our employers are being more conservative on spending and whatnot. Though it means no raises for us, I'm glad that they are being mindful.
5. We have a home. I recently found out that a few family members are in foreclosure. One, in particular, surprises me. I pray for all of them and the children that are involved.
6. We have utilities. Too often, I've known folks to go without electricity, gas and/or water for months on end. Sure, they've had to "make do," but it's easier not to have to haul water, burn candles and bundle up in blankets to keep warm.
7. Our wonderful plumber will be coming this Saturday to replace our outdoor faucets. I'm thankful that we have a little city lot that gives us room to run and play, plant beautiful flowers and vegetables and soon the ability to water them without dragging 40 feet of hose over the fence!
8. I'm thankful for family. Hubs' mom picks K- up twice a week from school. She feeds her, entertains her and even takes her swimming on Wednesdays. They allow us to take over their garage (we don't have one) when a car repair needs done. My mom fed me a wonderful meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes on Tuesday. If she makes a meal that she knows that I like, but don't make, she'll save me some. My brother fixes my tires and even dropped the spare off at my house the other day. My sister hosts family gatherings at The Pond House, such as our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, as well as swimming, stone soup and snow parties. My older brother helps Hubs to fix our Tercel when it is something beyond Hubs' ability. My sister and brother-in-law graciously open their home to us at least once a year so that we may visit with them in Chicago and not have to stay in a hotel. They feed and entertain us, and appreciate when our child doesn't share the stomach flu with them.
9. I'm thankful for our church family. We have a date night tonight to see the movie Fireproof. We're going with friends and at the bargain price of $12.00/couple, we're able to see a movie, have dessert, get a book to read as a couple and have childcare included. We've been under the leadership of a new pastor for a year and a half and the transition hasn't always been smooth. It seems as though the rocky road has settled down, folks are giving Pastor Matthew a chance, he's feeling more comfortable and everyone is pulling together more again. That makes a heart smile!
10. The sunshine. The glorious sunshine! I was able to put laundry out on the line for the first time yesterday and put that wonderful sunshine to work. Our sheets and laundry smell so good! K- has been out this week playing. She has had so much fun!
11. I'm thankful for all of you who drop in, read my ramblings and choose to come back anyway. Thank you so much for your friendship! I think and pray for so many of you in my day. I think of you, your children, the goings-on in your life and am so thankful that you've shared that with all of us. We're in the trenches together, my friends!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm thankful for the job too!! We went through an anger period about the paycut, but in reality, my husband is working and still bringing a paycheck home and for that I am thankful!! Sometimes, you need to write down a list and remind yourself that life is good. We are fine. A paycut means no more extras but we can still handle what we have (thank goodness we are conservative spenders!).

I'm sorry you have family members in foreclosure. I pray for them and hope that everything works for the best.

Both my brother and SIL are layed off. It's tough times. It also reminds you what is really important and where you need to put your trust. God is in control and He will take care of everything:)

Rach said...

What a wonderful list! You know, it's always nice to take a few moments, sit back and remember that life truly is good! :o)

I'm terribly sorry about your family members who are in foreclosure. I'll be praying for them.

Michelle said...

what a great list you have there to remind yourself of the things you do have to be thankful about!