Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cheater Cleaners

I did a Bzz Agent review not too long ago on the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Along with that, the Scrubbing Bubbles people sent me a box of the Toilet Cleaning Gel and a Flushable Wipe. After using the products, I've come to this conclusion-- I'm not a fan of the cheater cleaners.

Hubs shaves in the shower. He gets whiskers stuck to the shower wall. The shower cleaner hit just below that. Not their fault, it's just what happened for me. Though, I have a reader that really likes hers and a friend with MS that was considering a purchase of one. I was using it in a tub/shower combo. It just didn't do that well for me.

After using the toilet cleaning gel, I have to agree with Jamie-- it is very chemical smelling. The cleaning? Yes, notsomuch. I found that I got a better result from using my Lysol with Bleach toilet bowl cleaner and the brush.

That brings me to my next thought. They have the toilet brushes with the disposable pad. Landfill anyone? It's not that difficult to use the brush and the liquid stuff. In fact, I used to use Ajax cleanser with bleach, but found I was getting some sediment settling at the bottom and decided to go liquid. If you have a kid that likes to play with the toilet brush, just keep it in a child locked cabinet under the sink. And for the person who google searched and picked me up on "toilet wand gel scrubbing bubbles safe if my kid touches it?" My answer would be a big fat no. Don't let Little Jimmy play with the toilet cleaning wand no matter how entertaining he might feel that it is.

Teflon cleaner for the bathroom? Well, the thought weirds me out. I understand that the dirt will be less likely to stick. Teflon? I also understand that for my friend that admitted one time that it had been 6 months since she had cleaned her bathroom(s) last, this might be a good option for her. (She had a lot going on at the time.) For me, the once a week cleaning (with touch-ups as needed) works just fine. The 20 minutes is well worth it.

Then there is Swiffer. I'm sorry. I realize that there are fans. I am not. I can't stand the thought of rubbing a paper thingy across the floor then flinging it into the garbage so that I can put another paper thingy on the stick and toss it, too. Then there is the Wet Jet. My friend swears by hers. She has Pergo flooring and says that it works wonders on it. Again, all I can think of are all of those paper pads being whipped into the garbage. Do you recall what the lady who does the Foodsaver infomercial says? "Cash in the trash." Oh, yeah.

Should I start in on the wipes of various types? I do admit that I have the Windex wipes in the car for emergency clean-ups and boredom cleaning as I wait. I probably shouldn't throw a fit about this one, but really-- there are so many wipes! Dust with a wipe. (I'm a fan of my wooly duster.) Wipe your windows with another wipe. Oh, there is a bleach wipe! There is an orange cleaner wipe! UGH! Landfill! Landfill! Landfill! Eeeek!

Disposable kitchen cloths. You know, those paper thin thingies? Yes, um-- no.

Now, I can admit that I love my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It lasts a long time and gets the chair paint off my wall and the dirt from my refrigerator door handle that nothing else can get. Disposable, though.

When I clean, I use the mop (one that has the ringer handle), the broom, my sweeper (with a dump cup and no bag to pitch), the cleaners, towels and not many paper towels. I will wipe the toilet with paper towels, but the rest gets wiped with kitchen scrubber towels. I do use commercial cleaners, though. The bottles are recycled after they are rinsed.

I just didn't find that the cheaters saved me anymore time. Often, they cost much more not only monetarily but environmentally. I'm working on my environmental impact. I'm trying to be better with my choices. I look forward to researching more environmentally friendly cleaning options. My post on vinegar is just a start. I'm hoping to change my ways for the better.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I tossed my Magic Bubbles shower thingy. I bought it a couple if years ago, went through 2 bottles of stuff and my shower wasn't really clean. Seemed like a waste. I hated to add it to the land fill, but it took up space in my closet for 2 years and needed to go. Not a fan.
I like wipes sometimes (like when someone is coming over in 5 minutes and I need to make the bathroom presentable really quickly), but I generally don't use them.
I have a regular toilet brush. I never really understood the throw away concept. A total WASTE!! I use either Method toilet cleaner or Bon Ami. Both work well for me.
I own a swiffer and I use it when I am really pressed for time. Otherwise it's hands and knees and a bucket for me. I clean with a little dish detergent and a few drops of peppermint oil. Smells yummy.
I'm trying to get back to basics with my cleaning. Less chemicals, less products.

Jamie said...

Not so much of a fan of wipes or things that get thrown away either. I do have a swiffer - it was free. But I never use the pads... if I do use it, which is rarely, I double up a Viva paper towel and poke it in. I'm good old fashioned also - with a broom, the sweeper and a rag. I wash my floors on my hands and knees with a rag (yes it HURTS!) but I think it is the only way to get things clean the way I like it. I use method floor cleaner on my floors and seventh generation bathroom cleaner.
None of that floofy expensive cheater stuff for me neither!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I would do hands and knees, but after ACL reconstruction, hubs asked that I consider the mop. I do. I will go in on hands and knees, but generally the mop takes me where I need to go.

Rach said...

I confess to being a antibacterial wipes user *hangs head in shame*, but only in my classroom. It's technically NOT my job to clean my room, but it MUST be done because the nasties are going around--again.

Otherwise, I'm an old fashioned girl too. We've become such a throw-away society and I too have been working hard to decrease the size of my eco footprint. Right now, I'd say I'm "light green", but I'm working on it, I'm working on it. Baby steps are better than none, no? :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

No shame for the wipes in the classroom. The nasties are going around and I can't blame you at all. Afterall, you missed your girlie weekend at OBX because of them. Argh.

Light green. While yes, I'm feeling a little light green myself. I'm working to deepen that green though.