Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Better. Thank You, Caffeine!

Okay, here goes. First, thank you for reading my list of complaints. Secondly, I'm in a better place than I was last night. I was stressing about work, the cramps didn't help and I was cranky. It happens, I know. Thank you for your kind words! Here's the update of today:

1. My motorcycle riding, frat boy doctor with the earring was kind and diagnosed me with tendinitis. He said that he'll have me wear a brace to immobilize the thumb. He prescribed some anti-inflammatories and if that doesn't work over the course of a month, we will go to --eeek!-- injections into the joint. That just sounds icky. But, I'm sorry that I doubted him. To his credit, when he did tell me the "I've seen worse" was after my accident where I was bruise, stitch and broken bone free. I had some issues with the shoulder mostly and lower neck/upper back. His point was that what hit us vs. the injuries that I suffered, he has seen way worse. But you know when you are cranky, all you can think of is being tossed off to the side.
2. I had my cholesterol blood work done. I told him that I've know for a few years that I was supposed to be taking medications, but haven't quite come to terms with it yet. Now I'm being an adult and dealing with what is going on.
3. I had a massive wait for the prescription at Giant Eagle, so I opted to run down the road (not literally because ick! that would qualify as exercise in 8 F heat.) We went to Walmart (I'm not a huge fan and could give a long list, but . . .) and decided to use the card that I accidentally requested on MyPoints. (Not their fault. I had a brain lapse.) I figured that I could cover the cost of the thumb splint with it and purchase a little something else. Like a vision, the word CLEARANCE was on a red sign just a few aisles down. I was able to score some things for kids for birthdays and Christmas (I wiped 6 more gifts off the list) and scored some baby wash, lotion and that sort of stuff with the remainder of the gift certificate.
4. I made it back just in time to pick my niece up from school. My brother is hoping to have his new transmission done in his car today. (If you want to hear stories of someone with bad luck, just talk to me about my brother!) For the love of all that is good and right in the world, I hope that he gets it done.
5. My mom is feeling a little better than she was earlier. She has been so sick. She went to the doctor a few weeks ago with a virus. She took and antibiotic just got off of it and it came back. She has a throat infection, sinus infection and bronchitis. She felt so bad this morning that she asked my dad to take her to the hospital. I didn't understand why he didn't take her, but then my other brother told me that my father's employer is switching insurance and my parents currently have no health care coverage. Wonderful.
6. I chased an Excedrin Migraine with a can of Diet Coke. Now I have the too-much-caffeine shakes. That should work well for the Kindergarten informational meeting that I'm due to attend in an hour.
7. I'm typing with 9 fingers which is tough to get used to. I'm used to slapping the space bar with whatever thumb is closest.
8. It's sunny. The sky is blue. I can see the moon.
9. I have leftover meatballs and pasta to have before I leave for the Kindergarten meeting. Did I say Kindergarten meeting? HOLY CRUD! K- is almost old enough to go to real live school! [Insert cholesterol-free heart attack here.]
10. Thank you for being so supportive in my time of need. Jamie, a meatball is slinging your way. It's a turkey one, so it's kind of healthy! Rach, I'm slinging a hug at the bit and hoping that she feels better!


Jamie said...

Sling that meatball! Good choice on the turkey, lol!

Well, glad that the thumb wasn't something...worse (sorry about the choice of word). Hopefully it does not get to the point where you need shots.

Sending better luck to your brother and well wishes to your mom. Throat infection sounds like misery. Yikes on the no insurance. Hopefully she can apply for some assistance for the bill?

Sunny and 7 degrees here today, too. Talk about deception.

WOOO, I love the caffeine jitters!

Rach said...

Hugs are *always* appreciated.

Hope the Kindergarten thing went well. I panicked when Han started, LOL! I had never been on *that* side of things before and I didn't want to be one of *those* parents. ;o)

I'm hoping all the sickies on your list are feeling better soon. I never gave the space bar thing any thought until just now and I'm trying to type and write and figure out which thumb i use...Thanks. :oP (The right one, just so you know.)

I support your decision to NOT give yourself heat exhaustion by heading out to exercise today. ;o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope all is better!
I had tendinitis right after college. That brace is a pain but it really does help.
Are you doing the Lipitor? Just make sure they do blood tests to check your liver. My mom was on that and it made her very sick and attacked her liver (her Dr. never did the blood tests and just kept prescribing it). She was deathly ill for about 1/1.5 yr before they figured it out. Any longer and I think she would have incurred major liver damage. As it stands, the liver seems to have healed itself.