Monday, January 5, 2009

We'll be a primitive, water-free family this evening.

We need to have the main valve shut off replaced. We've known this for years, but have been scared of the fact that if something plumbing wise breaks, we have full force city water flowing in our home until we can get the city's emergency services out to turn our water off. This shut off replacement requires the city to come in and turn our water off at the tree lawn. Since the plumber fixing our stuck plumbing can't come until after work, we'll be water-free from the tap until sometime on Tuesday morning, because the city stops working at 4:30 PM. Oh, we've all given ourselves an extra good scrub tonight, we have flush buckets, a full tub of water and the neighbors on standby for emergency water if needed. I made a crockpot of turkey/vegetable/barley soup today. Should I tell you that I also had the three hour festival of church meetings this evening and it was the only way to assure my family a wholesome, hot meal?! Mom and Dad are just 10 minutes away. Mom even offered their tub and to make us dinner. I told them that we would be okay, but it's always nice hear. Both my parents and Hubs' parents are always at the ready to bail us out if need be.

God willing, the plumbing will be a quick repair. We'll have no leaks and the world at Bailey's Leaf will be dry, but with the option to turn off the main valve if needed.

Enjoy your running water tonight for us.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope that gets fixed for you soon! We had to take our front door off yesterday and do some "home fixing". Why is home owning such a pain?

The Real Kidd said...

Oh I feel for ya honey. I hate dealing with plumbing issues.

I hope they get you fixed up and back with running water soon.