Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Date With My Daughter

Hubs had a work field trip to The Wilds and had to be up and out yesterday morning at the bright and early time of 5 AM. His alarm went off at 4:30 AM, as well as my cell alarm to make certain that he did get up. I talked him into snuggling back to warm up, after going to start the cars when the warmish winter air was all of -2 F. After he got out and on his way, I ended up sleeping until 8 AM. Yikes! I never sleep in that late! K-? She was still sleeping, too! Lack of light in the winter will do that to us. So, I went and got her moving and snuggled her up into bed with me. We hung out, talked and she watched some cartoons on our TV while I checked e-mail.

We ended up putter-putzing around in the morning. My sister called in need of some therapeutic listening. K- played with her Polly's and Legos. We finally got moving in the outdoors way when the temperature hit a balmy 11 F. We were on a mission to go get Star Wars party stuff for Hubs' birthday next Sunday. K- asks her dad every year what kind of party he wants. This year, he told her Star Wars. We flew by the bank, stopped by the party store, went on to Pat Catan's (needed stretcher bars for my Bloggy Giveaway!) and on to Toys R Us. While we were in the area of so many stores, I decided to scope out the clearances.

Then hunger struck. K- suggested a hamburger. I suggested Panera. She liked my suggestion better. We cruised across the street to the local Panera. We braved the blustery winter winds to make it across the parking lot. Apparently, Panera was the place to be. The place was packed! K- wanted her usual-- "A cheese bagel, please." "Sliced or toasted?" "No, straight up!" I decided to get the You Pick Two. I knew that I would get a sandwich (Chicken Caesar) and some soup (Baked Potato.) Then K- and I hunkered down in a booth and got to business. We put my soup between us and went to town. We're dipping fools, I tell you. We shared that bowl of soup and I couldn't have been happier. She kept hugging me telling me "how kind of you to share your soup with me." I only hope that she knows how thrilled I am to have her to share it with!

Hubs wanted a Game Cube for his birthday. He told me to buy one used at The Exchange (they sell used CD's, games, game consoles . . .), but it wasn't the price he said and the games weren't what he told me. I bailed and bought him a gift card instead.

We went to Target, cruised the clearance aisles (which basically aren't that great yet) and found a few good things to put up for kids for next Christmas. We then went on to Best Buy to buy Windows Live Care One. Ours is due to expire on Friday and we needed to re-up. (I love it, by the way.) I hate that store. It is like sending a man to the Clinique counter. Seriously, I walked in circles with K- hanging onto my pocket (so I knew where she was at) hunting. I finally gave up, asked a gentleman who was helping someone if he could tell me where it was at. He handed it to me and of course, it wasn't on sale like my neighbor told me it would be. I expected about $25.00. It was $49.99. In the end, Hubs ended up finding it at Walmart for $29.99. Still, it is not my area of expertise. I knew it. I should have just handed the money to Hubs or the neighbor and asked one of them to make it happen, please.

So my daughter-darling is having some good quality daddy time right now. They are enjoying Star Wars, The Clone Wars movie right now. Never mind that she watched it with her friends just this past Thursday. Nah, to watch it with daddy is a whole different thing. They snuggle up on the couch and talk all Chewy with each other. Hubs is glad to have someone to talk Chewy with. It's like my bowl of soup. Something awesome to share with our fun little girl.

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Jamie said...

Days like that with the girls are so much fun.

Looks like you had a great day with K.

I like Best Buy, but only the appliance and Mac departments. The rest of it is too much for me.