Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tales from the Trenches

This week's Tales is going to be a lovefest on my bosses (no they don't read so I'm not trying for points here). Do you know what they do for us this time of year? They bring in their massage therapist, Paul. We get scheduled for 10 minute seated massages and for 10 minutes, the retail world is a much better place.

I love Paul. Oh, not in a marital or cheating love kind of way. Hubs is understanding and appreciative of my love for Paul. I've been at the gallery for 8 Christmas' now and Paul has been the light at the end of the retail year tunnel. I'll come home with a smile on my face and Hubs will say, "You saw Paul today, didn't you?" Yup.

God bless Paul and his ability to fix things. He has fixed migraines, back pains, aching hands, tender tootsies and is presently working on the residual gunk left over from ye ole smooshing o' the vehicle from way back in March. I didn't get whip lash to the neck, but I did get it to the shoulder. Paul is trying to fix that. I told him that I should have come to see him sooner. I really wanted to.

To my bosses that don't read this but as I told them yesterday, thank you for Paul! Thank you for thinking of us!

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