Monday, December 1, 2008

The Humble Q-Tip

I love Q-Tips. There is a reason that I purchase only Q-Tips. I do find an enormous difference between fakes and the real thing. Q-Tips have never let me down until now.

The following is what I wrote to the Q-Tip people:

I have found that my latest batch of Q Tips have left me battling to get the cotton back out of my ear. The cotton is letting loose from the stick and is wanting to unwind in my ear. I keep poking myself in the ear with the stick and happy that the cotton came out, so that I didn't have to go in after it with other means. I was discussing this very problem with a friend who said that she was experiencing the same issue.

For the record, I only purchase Q Tips. I purchase Q Tips because they have had notoriously nice thick cotton ends, good for a variety of uses but WOULD not let loose of their cotton.
Your current manufacturing has slipped below your typical standards.

I am sad. I don't like dirty ears.

Stay tuned as I'm sure that this is a cliff hanger, keeping all of you on the edge of your seat. I've had this in draft, hoping from a response from the Q-Tip people and have heard NOTHING. Caution be used or you may be digging a wad of cotton out of your ear with tweezers. Just think of how much fun the kids would think that was!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Too bad for the Q tips. We only buy the real thing too. Hubs gets testy if I go for the cheap ones. Same with the store brand "Listerine". You'd think I was making him gargle with gasoline. Me, I can't tell the difference....