Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friendship Bread: Safe Stuff or Ick?

Friendship Bread starter is sitting out on the community counter at work. Apparently, some of my 50 some permanent and seasonal co-workers have adopted this fermented baggie of goo as a project. I couldn't help but thinking aloud with a co-worker-- is this stuff safe? I have refrigeration and food keeping issues, so something hanging out on the counter for God knows how long being squished, smooshed, added to and divided a million times over frankly just flat out grosses me out. Completely. So I told her that I would go digging. I was curious. She was, too. So I found this article. It seemed to take me where I needed to go with the Friendship Bread thing.

I should also add that I don't have a friendly relationship with Friendship Bread Starter. As a kid, someone shared some starter with us. We followed the directions. What followed? A colony of ants. We were invaded. Needless to say, my memories are not so sweet.

So, what is your take on Friendship Bread/Starter? Are you pro or con? Do you find the idea as gross as I do?


Michelle said...

I actually have an Amish Friendship bread on my counter right now! LOL This starter has really made the rounds at my MOPS group, on base, and even Joe's work. The first time it was given to me from MOPS I thought it was odd to leave it out for 10 days; I thought it even stranger when on Day 6 it says to add flour, sugar, and milk to the starter. I still don't understand how you could add milk and leave out it for 4 more days, but everyone kept telling me how good it was. So I tried it. And it really is good, we ate it all up. None of us got sick, none of the people I know who were passing it all around ever got sick either. I kept a starter for myself after that first one I made and put it in the freezer. Since we're moving soon I figured I better get that out and make it LOL

Another blogger found the starter recipe for the Amish bread and it does call for yeast, flour, warm water, sugar and milk to make it...and that article you linked to said something about not using a starter if it calls for I don't know what the right answer is! LOL I just know a lot of people around here use/make this bread and I haven't heard of anyone becoming sick.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

As you know, we can't do wheat, eggs, dairy or anything "bread" like so I haven't tried this, but has. And it looks pretty good. But I hear ya. I doesn't sound right at all.