Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Toothbrush Hygiene

The flu season is here, or at least close! Not to be hyper spastic about germs, but I have a kid that goes to preschool and lets face it, she is a walking petri dish.

When I clean the bathroom each Thursday, I give the toothbrushes a good soak in some denture cleaner. As you can see, I buy only the best quality.

I think of the toothbrush cleaning as this. The denture cleaner gets the gunk off of false teeth, so it has to help the toothbrushes, yes? I mean, we stick the brushes into our mouths, twirl, swirl, scrub and clean with them and place them back into a cup. Those are harboring little germie ermies on them, yes?

Hubs had Rotavirus about a month ago. Since that is highly contagious and ICK! nothing any of us wanted, I started the toothbrush hygiene campaign.

Now if I could only send my child to school dipped into this fine toothbrush cleaner, maybe she'll stop catching stuff.

-- Next week's WFMW: Laundry 101.

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Jennifer said...

We were thinking on the same track this morning, thanks for the tip on the denture cleaning.