Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our last trip o' the year to Amish

We frequent Ohio Amish Country on a fairly regular basis. Every few months we take a day trip. We've gotten the trip down to our favorites, so we can easily do it in a day and be back by early evening. Today is our last trip until February, when we go for our anniversary. We went to stock up and stock up I did! We hit the bulk food store early. I was able to stock up on baking supplies for the upcoming Christmas Cookie Baking Bonanza that occurs every year in my kitchen. I even remembered to get Pearled Barley for soup! I've been missing it! We trotted through the stores in town and it was Christmas Open House Weekend! It was packed, but when you go to the chocolate store and find a BUFFET OF CHOCOLATE!, you know that it isn't such a bad thing.

Look at what I found for a certain little girls stocking:

(My husband is making fun of me for adding a sucker to my blog.)

We stopped by the Amish produce stand, where I unknowingly purchased a partially rotted onion. The money goes to a good cause, though. Actually, they really are nice people and I did realize that I was getting the end of the year stuff. I did score some broccoli and homemade Elderberry jam, though.

We tripped on to the bakery, where we got 4 loaves of homemade bread for 1.29 a loaf. My husband loves it and frankly, you can't touch the mass produced stuff in the store for less than that. I should also add that K- picked out some very rockin' chocolate chip cookies.

We had a really nice day. Anymore, it is rare that Hubs, K- and I all have a Saturday off together. We have Sundays, but right now they are kind of occupied by Festival Choir and the once a month leadership meeting. It was nice to get away, roam around and do a fair amount of window shopping, find some good vittles then trot on home.

After K- and I straighten her bedroom, we might even take in a nice family movie before bed.

Have a great night!

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