Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Off to the right, or at least in this present format, I have my blogroll. You see, I'm not new to the blog reading thing, I'm just new to the blog writing thing. I've followed most of these women for a few years. They have taught me much and I figured that I'd love on them a moment.

Our Story- This is the allergy friendly blog by my husband's cousin, Janeen. One of her sons has extreme food allergies and it is through her blog that I have learned almost everything that I know about keeping children safe in food allergy situations. If I don't know it, I'll e-mail her. She'll entertain you with stories about the boys, their love for the Mucinex family, her quest to keep her son safe re: his allergies, her hubs who works hard, hunts and loves his family. She'll take you in and out of appointments, in and out of stores, in and out of schools and making you giggle most of the way.
Boo Mama- She has an intense! love for Christ, family, cheese and Cheese It's. She'll dazzle you with food selections that are only low in calories, pants that she dreams of, the hair wizard, Steinmarts, Walmarts and stunt pillows. She's even kind enough to give Congealed Salad 101 to us Northerners.
Big Mama- She'll tell you tales of her beautiful daughter, Caroline, her love for fashion and how she drives her mama crazy with it. A love for peppermint patties, Target (even though they moved across town), HEB and Fashion Friday.
The Pioneer Woman- A spaz middle child, just like myself, with Marlboro Man as her hubs and her cast of 4 children. She'll teach you how to cook awesome things, show you photos of their critters around the farm, and give you great stories of her brother, Mike. She'll be happy if you stop by and throw in a load of laundry.
Lots of Scotts- Mama J- with surgeon hubs and her gaggle of triplets. K-, P- and R- will keep you rolling in laughter as you read their daily adventures. Mama J- keeps it real, though. She's busy bringing her young'ns up in the eyes of the Lord, even though they might be cross-eyed from time to time.
Daring Young Mom- Kathryn, hubs, Laylee and Magoo on their adventures in life while trying to be a little more health conscious, disaster prepared and groovin' with the motorcycle men.
Rocks In My Dryer- You'll read Rat Contracts, Letters to Mice, tales of ant invasion, live blogging tornadoes and tips on easier living with Works for Me Wednesday.
Big Blueberry Eyes- Michelle takes you on her journey of raising Kayla and Lucas all the while her husband is serving in the military. She's blogging on Down Syndrome this month, but soon we'll be reading more about her husband's upcoming year away from the family. She's good about sharing her free finds on Friday, opening our minds to misinformation that might be out there about DS, gives us her list of gratefulness on Sundays and some fun little ditties in between. Michelle is the one I should thank for my pork chop recipe and for giving me the idea of taking K- to the Lowe's Build and Grow building clinics.
Life with Hannah and Lily- Rachel takes us on the journey that she goes on with her husband, Brien, in raising their daughter Lily along with their up and down yo's concerning grief and the drowning death of their daughter, Hannah. She shares with us her Farmer's Market finds, her love for good food, talents with card creation (she sells Stampin' Up, if you need a fix) and her job as a teacher.
Cake Wrecks- I found this site through Life with Hannah and Lily and LOVE it! I have to tell you that some professional cakes are absolutely so wrong that they are hilarious. If you need a good laugh, check CW. I submitted a photo of a baby shower cake. We were "congulated" and I just felt that Cake Wrecks would love it!
5 Minutes for Mom- Twin moms taking you through their life in Canada, thought provoking posts, giggly posts and giveaways of neat stuff that almost anyone could use!

Of course, this is just a very brief description of my own about these great blogs. Check them out for yourself and see why I love them so much!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thanks for the props Cuz! And thanks for putting me in great company. I love and read all those blogs too :)

Michelle said...

Thank you for including me in your list - I feel honored! :) And now I'm curious - which pork chop recipe?! LOL